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The owners of Lindeblad Piano Restoration contacted me to advertise their Piano Restoration / Tuning business. After realizing that the one Piano-type business we had in Hoboken is no longer listed at the Monroe Center, I decided to give them a shout out.

So all you current piano owners, or those in the market for an affordable piano for your home, read on!

lindeblad piano restoration pinebrook nj - Lindeblad Piano Restoration

Manage all your Piano needs with Lindeblad

“We are a fourth generation piano restoration company that specialize in the restoration of antique pianos and also sell vintage pianos such as Steinway that have been completely restored. Choose to have your own piano restored instead of buying a new one. Instead of buying a brand new Steinway, someone can purchase a restored Steinway Grand piano for 1/2 the price. A restored Steinway has just as nice of a tone, looks just as good (if not better), exquisite carvings, and ivory keys.

You can view our inventory of over 90 pianos at the following link:

My family has also been in the piano business for over 80 years. We are located in Pine Brook, NJ, only 1/2 hour away from Hoboken.”

I’ve seen quite a few homes in Hoboken with beautiful pianos. Do any of you play or own one? My many years of lessons went to waste… I could always pick it up again if I win the Mega Millions!

Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Description: Piano restoration & sales, piano moving, piano tuning
Address: 101 Rt. 46 East, Pinebrook, New Jersey, 07058
Phone:(973) 575-0163; (888) 58-PIANO

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