Hoboken Hospitality Night 2008

12/11/2008 Reminder:

Don’t forget to support local businesses! Late shopping hours, fun giveaways, snacks and drink tonight!


What I’d rather call the “Hoboken One Day Sale” (less confusing) – is this years Hoboken Hospitality Night. Thursday, December 11th!


Late night shopping bonanza

Over 50 boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops are participating this year. They have all agreed to stay open late, allowing many residents who work late a chance to do some local shopping. Many businesses are offering sale promotions, snacks and beverages. Also, every time a customer makes a purchase they will be entered to win a gift basket with items donated from each participating shop!

See list of businesses (AND MAP) after the jump!!

(Hoboken Hospitality Night, continued…)

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List of participating businesses

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I’ve received a couple of emails from individual stores so I know this is from December 1-3, 2009. Does anyone have a full list of all the participating stores?


do any know if the optical stores (WisE vision on washington and Eye SHoppe on newark) are having a sale? R they participating tonight?


PS- if you’re cutting it that close that you don’t have any $$ left a couple days before payday, it’s probably best that you don’t shop at this event (or any other non-necessity events).


[quote comment=”122572″]Isn’t that what he said? Also – the “every two weeks” paydays aren’t the same – depending on when each company starts their fiscal year, or whatever…[/quote]
No, my point was that the every two weeks people were not the 15th and 30th people. They’re the bi-monthly people.

As for the “every two weeks people are on different schedules” – that may be. But it seems to me if you’re getting 26 paychecks a year, and no one pays you in advance of having worked, everyone would be on the same 2 week schedule regardless of the company’s fiscal year, as people are on a calendar year and their salaries are based on a calendar year. I don’t know, maybe not. I’ve had 2 law firms pay bi-weekly and they’re on the same pay schedule.

Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor

[quote comment=”122500″][quote comment=”122479″]Why the 15th?[/quote]

Some companies pay every 2 weeks and some pay on the 15th and 30th.[/quote]

That is more or less what I was thinking. I know most of my disposable income, comes on the 15th.

I was taking into consideration that there are a great deal of young renters in Hoboken, that see their paycheck on the 15th as the one for other expenses besides rent.

The 11th is so close to the 15th, that I would think lots of the younger renters in Hoboken, those just starting out or those not willing to spend savings, are broke.

Just my thoughts…