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Hoboken411 reader Daniel Rousseaux submitted this nice review of Bustin Boards, a custom skateboard manufacturer located right here in Hoboken (at the old Wonder Bread Factory!)


All about Bustin Boards!

“Have you always wanted a great mode of transportation that you’ll look cool traveling on? Look no further than a longboard. All the rage these days, longboards are easy to ride and great for commutes. You won’t be “grinding rails” with this board, rather cruising along and enjoying the ride.

And if you’re looking for a board that can be made to match to your insanely unique personality/wardrobe/mood, look no further than your own Hoboken backyard. Bustin Boards is a custom skateboard manufacturer based in the old Wonder Bread building on 8th and Grand. There, an ambitious team of 8 will make you a custom board in about a week. The best part about being in Hoboken is – if you’d like to see your new baby go from a blank wood canvas to a colorful self-expression…just ask and they’ll show you how they make some of the best boards in America. (A large portion of their business is from NYC and California obviously, but they have customers in nearly 30 countries.)

Last week I went to Bustin Boards to document a day-in-the-life of a custom skateboard shop. It was a ton of fun seeing the entire process, and it gave me a better appreciation into the art and culture of skateboarding, specifically longboarding. Bustin Boards just released a new size board which has been garnering rave reviews in the skate community; the Strike board. (That particular board was about 80% of their orders the day I was observing.)

Go be a skateboard deck designer on their site (www.bustinboards.com) and customize until your heart is content. The boards come in 5 different sizes, all with BB’s patented curve that allows for better control and comfort. Then play with the colors of the artwork until you’re blue in the face…or pink or green or brown for that matter. The possibilities are vast. Each component of the art can be customized to a different color, ensuring your neighbor will never have the same board as you.

See how they make them and full photo gallery after the jump!!

The Makin’ of a Bustin’ Board:

When I arrived, I was first blown-away by the space that houses Bustin Boards. (If you haven’t been inside the old Wonder Bread factory, let me say that the space is simply amazing! Very high ceilings, huge fire doors, and great skylights.) Upon entering the Hoboken workshop you’ll find the team busy installing wheels and trucks onto newly customized boards, custom-painting boards to-order, and packing them for shipment.

When the orders arrive, the particular style and size board is prepped and primed for the first layer of paint. (Bustin applies numerous coats to each board, but there is no hard and fast rule…They’ll paint and repaint until the board looks great.) Then each board is painstakingly screen-printed with the customer’s particular color choices. This process is very labor-intensive and takes quite a bit of time. Once all the layers have been properly screened, the sides of the boards get scraped by-hand to remove any excess paint and also give a fresh, clean edge to the board. Then each board is individually numbered, dated, and signed by the person that painstakingly brought your color choices to life.

The board then gets inspected, and if it passes, moves on to receive several coats of lacquer, which gives the shiny appearance and really helps the colors pop. Once the layers of lacquer are dry, the boards get inspected once again and the sandpaper grip will be hand-cut and applied. Then the wheels and trucks (the pieces of metal that hold the wheels) are attached to the board. Upon final inspection by the shop manager, the boards get carefully boxed and are shipped off to their new homes around the world. Every so often, the guys will write a personal message inside a box. (Usually reserved for new customers, great color choices or the first board shipped to a new country.) In a few days, Diego in Columbia will receive his longboard with a handwritten message on the box because his board was the first that Bustin has shipped to Columbia.

I was truly impressed by the level of quality and service Bustin provides its customers. If you’re thinking about a board, or know someone who is a worthy recipient of a custom-board, treat them to a Bustin Board. They’ll certainly appreciate it. And definitely check out their workshop. I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I was.”

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yeah this is the huge red building south of the high school on clinton and was actually run by a private bread company based in hoboken for decades before wonder started working there..
the owner of the building wants to convert some of it to condos though, it was on the cover of the paper about 2 months ago i think. they even quoted bustin boards


There were 2 factories , the one on clinton street closed before the one on 14th street.


[quote comment=”122667″]Where was the Wonder Bread Factory?[/quote]
14th street. either willow to park or park to garden.


Very impressive. :D. While I can’t visualize myself on a board (as it’s equivalent to kicking my own ass), Bustin Boards is pretty cool.