Economic relief at Helmers’!


Who knows where the economy is taking all of us these days – but that doesn’t mean you can’t drink on the cheap!

Real Economic Relief!

Helmers’ (established 1936) has seen the good times (and the bad times) in Hoboken and decided it’s time to help out during this latest rough stretch.

Helmers’ will run $3 Draft Specials on all German beer Mon-Tues-Wed from 12:00 – 7:00pm to help Hoboken residents during this time of economic crunch.

Also, Helmers’ World Famous Steak Sandwiches will also be on special Mon-Tues-Wed! A tasty Small Steak Sandwich with French Fries will be $8 and the Large Steak Sandwich with French Fries is $11! Talk about a deal!

Great beer & great food during tough times provided by Helmer’s!


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Helmers is AOK 😛


Since this is to help Hoboken residents in this economic crunch, and I know there is an increasing number of Hoboken residents who are, how shall we say, “between jobs”, do you think Helmers will let these folks put these discount beers on a tab? Only until, you know, things pick up again.


[quote comment=”124556″]
Another example of many people in Hoboken who think “the world revolves around them…”[/quote]

You mean it doesnt?

helmers got too popular and expensive after their fire rehab – maybe this is their way of saying “sorry”


Didnt have the sandwich. Had the scallops wrapped in bacon for app and the veal with mash for dinner. I can usually put it away and I couldnt finish it all. So if there sandwiches are anything like the dinner than I would say they are big.


[quote comment=”124516″]Helmers is awesome. I ate there on Friday and the food is always so good here.

Good for them trying to give a little back. 3 bucks is better than 5. Its something. Every little bit counts and helps.

Of course some people have to be negative about everything and be sarcastic about everything.[/quote]

I’ve heard that the sandwiches are gigantic. Is that true?
More importantly, how are the fries? :mrgreen: