Hoboken Week in Review – 12/7/2008


18 days left till Christmas!

So far, I haven’t noticed any “shopping surge” in Hoboken – either that, or I’m not checking the stores at the right times. Have you started your holiday shopping yet?

So what made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday December 7, 2008?


Hottest topics of the week

  1. Hoboken Bar owner involved in fatal DUI
    One of the owners of the Gaslight Restaurant on 4th and Adams totals a BMW. His best friend perished in the accident. File under: Sad, tragic, avoidable.
  2. Super high-end “trattoria” opens up
    Bin 14 Trattoria & Wine Bar opens up next to Madison Bar at 14th and Washington Streets. Seems like many folks not only think it’s overly expensive, but a total rip-off for the portion sizes you get (and heavily marked-up wine).
  3. Our massive property tax hike is making big news
    Bloomberg News has a comprehensive writeup about the ramifications of the 47% increase, as well as other economic impacts.
  4. City Council Meeting
    The twice-monthly “meeting of the minds” down at city hall.
  5. Big developer inconveniences paying customers
    Struggling Tarragon Corp. (who are financially teetering) upset renters with occupancy delays.
  6. People are stressed out about the PATH train
    A couple complaints about a passed out girl and how slow the train is stir up conversation this week.
  7. Hoboken pictures from way back!
    I take a break from random Hoboken photos – and show great shots from the Life Magazine archives. Such as Longshoremen, a spot on 6th and Hudson, and the death of a waterfront big shot.
  8. It’s NOT a mushroom!!
    Resident is disgusted and angered when a smoked cigarette butt is found in food from the Rice Shop.
  9. Applied housing not pleasing customers
    Yet another local resident is pissed about how this management company steals your money.
  10. Luxury Hotel is Hiring!
    The W Hotel is having a “Talent Show” to find 150 skilled workers to employ. How many will actually be from Hoboken?

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Remember our armed services at Pearl Harbor – it’s Dec.7th 💡