Readerpix: Ferguson Propeller Works


Hoboken411 reader Melissa Abernathy (from the Hoboken Historical Museum) sent in these rare retro Hoboken pictures of the Ferguson Propeller Works plant back in the 90’s!

Hoboken411 reader photos of the day – 11/4/2008

“I couldn’t resist…you’ve been running such good photos, I dug these out of my unsorted piles of photos from the past two decades. I guess these are from around 1993-94. It’s the old Ferguson Propeller Works plant, between Clinton & Grand, just below 12th Street, where the Curling Club is now. These monster-sized propellers were at least 5 feet tall lying on their sides & who knows how wide. Legend has it that the shapes of these propellers inspired Alexander Calder’s mobiles (he was a student at Stevens at some point).

I hope some of your readers have better photos of the old plant in their files to share. I miss it so much.”


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The propellers had to be tested for fractures…used limited amouts of Cobalt60.


After reading that wikipedia article, I learned something new:

“Calder joined the football team during his freshman year at Stevens.”



I always thought I was hearing the ghost of the Red Baron when I lived at Curling Club. ❗


Some of those screws must weigh a couple tons each… I wonder what brass goes for per pound these days?

Scrap ain’t crap!