Readerpix: Fireworks seen from Hoboken


Hoboken411 reader bmacqueens, who’s been living in Hoboken since 2003, sent in this picture of fireworks in NYC!

Hoboken411 reader photo of the day – 12/2/2008

“July 2006 fireworks from Pier A. These fireworks were happening all the way across Manhattan, in the East River. Used a Bogen tripod, 70-300mm zoom on maximum zoom-in, Nikon N-80 film camera with positive (slide) film, scanned after development using a home film scanner. Held the shutter open for a few seconds using a shutter-release cable. Simply squeeze at random, or when you see the rocket going up, and then let go when it starts to fade a bit. Maybe a five second exposure? There are many other such slides, especially of looking south toward the Statue of Liberty; this one from the East River was grabbed at random. This is a down-sized 5MB file. The original scan was 39MB.”


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