Team Trivia at McBride’s

2/4/2009 Update:

Team Trivia is back at it again tonight. 8:30pm over at Willie McBride’s. (Grand between 6th and 7th – behind A&P)

Please note that drink specials have been scaled back to only $2 Bud Light Drafts – and prizes are now just “prizes,” with no specific denomination or guarantee of issuance. But Trivia Night host Craig will still be happy to see you!

(you get one Craig – not four – picture for dramatic excitement purposes only…)

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1/7/2009 Reminder:

Team Trivia starts back up again – 8:30pm tonight at Willie McBrides.


Want to test your trivia knowledge and have a few beers at the same time?

Well other than sitting at home and watching Jeopardy! you can head over to Willie McBride’s tomorrow night (Grand between 6th and 7th – behind A&P) – for Team Trivia Night!


Team Trivia every Wednesday

Craig Campbell – who runs Team Trivia – had this to say:

“My trivia nights tend to consist of general questions that are aimed at having fun and not being intentionally too difficult. The categories I tend to focus on include Entertainment (T.V., Movies, Music, etc), Geography, History, Sports (tends to be more current), Science, and Current Events. Along with asking questions from these various categories, I also utilize different formats for questions themselves. I some of these formats include “True or False”, multiple choice, “Name that Movie” (I play an audio clip of a movie), “Who’s the Artist” (I play a song), multi-part questions, and straight one answer questions. There are beer specials, including $2 Bud Light draft and $3 Miller Lite bottles. There are also great prizes for the winners, including gift certificates of 10, 20, and 30 dollars.”

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That’s not me, but I do better at trivia when I’m hammered.


My word – by the look on the face of the multiple pics above this gentlemen looks SH!TFACED! 😆

Tally-Ho !


Hey all,

Well this is The Trivia Guy. I would like to apologize for this past Wednesday night. I was at Willie McBride’s and I was ready to host another night of Trivia, but there was not enough people to play. The owner requires an ample number of customers to make playing financially viable, so this past Wednesday night there wasn’t enough customers. Hopefully with the Holidays over and with some better weather more people will be able to come out. This is also the case whenever the Trivia starts late….we try to wait till we have enough players/teams/customers. I don’t like starting late either, but it’s better than not having Trivia at all. I hope to see you all next week…so we can have a night of Trivia.

Craig “The Trivia Guy”

Biff McFly
Biff McFly

Well it ended up that The Trivia Guy was unable to prepare for last night’s festivities. So either H411 was misinformed when told that it was starting up again or TTG just dropped the ball.

Of the past 3 times I’ve gone here for trivia at Willie’s we have started on time once, 45 minutes late once (along with cheaters), and now no game at all.

I may buy Trivial Pursuit and a 30-pack and start hosting these at my place instead…


Oh also check out my Facebook page….search for The Trivia Guy. I just started it, so it’s still a work in progress….