Cig butt found in Rice Shop food!


Hopefully this disgusting story of “mystery objects found in food” doesn’t gross you out too much!

But one Hoboken411 reader will probably never go to the Rice Shop again after this incident:

hoboken rice shop delivers food plus cigarette butts - Cig butt found in Rice Shop food!

Cigarette butt found in Rice Shop delivery

“Thought your readers would like to know, and a question…

We ordered from Rice Shop this evening. The Beef w/ vegetables came with an added bonus. A smoked cigarette Butt (no tobacco, just the blackened, smokey/beefy flavored filter).

Not only is this just gross, but it’s a health hazard, as a smoked cigarette butt is a good place to get tuberculosis.

Any recourse other than just receving a refund? getting my $29 back doesn’t really offset worrying about what the kitchen staff at rice shop is carrying around with them.”

Later – he added:

“We got a refund, though the worse part is that they called back twice to try and convince me it was the stem of a mushroom.

I told them both times that mushrooms do not taste like a smoked cigarette, because my wife actually did chew on it for a moment before realizing thatit was “used cigarette filter’ was the taste she was experiencing.”

cigarette butt found in food at rice shop in hoboken - Cig butt found in Rice Shop food!

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why anyone in their right mind wouldn’t contact the City Health Dept. after an incident like this is beyond me? it can only be sheer laziness; instead of – or in addition to, let me amend this – complaining/informing people on here, take it to the people who are charged with holding people accountable over stuff like this. BELIEVE ME, i am the BIGGEST skeptic in the world at the City of Hoboken’s inept functioning, but i think that fair is fair and have to believe that when it comes to the services of the health department, i have to assume they do a good job until i hear otherwise.

so tell them! (if you haven’t already, guy) jesus!…


[quote comment=”122720″]I knew a guy…”


Knew? Did he die from tetanus?


I knew a guy who bit into a chunk of broken glass at that long defunct diner that used to serve the 3am drunks in the area that Teak exists now. The manager decided that a good offense would be his defense and went apeshit – accusing the bleeding-from-the-mouth guy for angling for a free meal and telling him to GTFO.

OT: he asked me recently if Palmer Video is still there. “You know, on the same block as Good-n-Plenty.” 😆


you could have smoked and put that cigarette butt in.
Just to get a free meal- you are so cheap


Think I’ll have a meal at the Rice Shop soon. Somehow, I feel that this incident will whip their asses up in no time. And maybe I’ll get a polished dinner. :mrgreen: