Saturday Surfing 11/29/2008


I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was without incident! As for myself, I’m still recovering from the annual food-coma.

So what random stuff did I dig up for this morning? Grab your coffee and enjoy!


So what’s on the web (and TV?)

Since I was pretty much a complete slug yesterday – I honestly had a lot of time to loaf on the coach, watch TV and surf the web. Hardly even spent time on my own website! Thank god Oscar was wiped out from the hectic day frolicking with other dogs and cats…

Black Friday Idiots!

You saw that a Wal-Mart employee was senselessly killed by stampeding low-lives over in Long Island. Take a look at more Wal-Mart idiots scrambling to get their discount Xbox’s:

Hooked on Ninja Warrior

Has anyone ever caught this show on G4TV? They had a Ninja Warrior marathon yesterday (I DVR’d it to skip the commercials) – and I was hooked! This “obstacle course” style competition has to be the hardest one ever created. I think I burned extra calories watching it.

How low will gas prices go?

For those that drive – you must be as ecstatic as I am that gas prices are plummeting! With the latest prices around here hovering around $1.80 per gallon (for regular), did you know that the cheapest gas in NJ is near Vineland – at about $1.47 per gallon. But in Kansas City, MO – they were reporting gas as low as $1.33 per gallon!

Do any of you foresee gas ever falling below $1/gallon?

Gas Buddy is a fun site that has come a long way since they first started. Here’s a map you can play with for a couple minutes (zoom in/out – check out the rest of the country, etc.):

New Jersey Gas Prices provided by
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