Let Fiscal Monitor do her job!


$1 per year advisor Richard Tremitiedi (who recently formulated a group called “Citizens Against Mismanagement”) has this to say about Judy Tripodi, and Hoboken’s recent budget debacle:

Let her do her job!

richard tremitiedi hoboken citizens against mismanagement - Let Fiscal Monitor do her job!“Dear Hoboken411,

In view of the hefty tax increase, it is natural to complain about the mayor and city council roles in Hoboken’s tale of mismanagement. It is easy for us to complain that Judy Tripodi, our fiscal monitor is not taking action fast enough , we don’t like her management style or her decision to avoid joining what some have described as the ‘circus atmosphere’ of city council meetings.

If we take some time to think, we are now getting from Judy what we need – firm decisive management. Hoboken’s current performance proves that we can’t manage ourselves.

In a sense, our complaints can be considered SELF-ACCUSATION in that we all had a hand in our present administration to one extent or another, voted for or against them or did not vote at all . What we have done or what we have failed to do. We all share some degree of responsibility and are all sharing the burden of the tax hike

Hence, we have to be more astute, concerned and more active in deciding who will lead this city in the future. If we don’t take a proper role, then we should doubt our ability to ever elect responsible candidates to govern this great city. This shows the need for us to be Citizens Against Mismanagement

It is a fact that we have overspent the budget for the last six years and this last budget was “the straw that broke the camels back”. The point I would like to conclude with is that this has been many years in the making. We now have to give our Fiscal Monitor the time to formulate the corrective action plan, the time to implement it, monitor it and to make any necessary modifications that are required..

Yes, we can provide her with our concerns and positive input, but what our immediate action at this time should be is: Let her do her Job!

Thank you,

Richard Tremitiedi
Citizen Against Mismanagement”

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Friday, November 28, 2008 1:19 pm

No. 23 Kaiser: How does one know how Tremitiedi, Mason, Cunningham, Zimmer or in fact, how any newly elected official would vote with certainty, unless one is a psychic. Before one labels another, here’s a related quote “All judgement is self-judgement”. Paul Richard, The Scourge of Christ, 1929. 😛

Kaiser Sosay
Kaiser Sosay
Friday, November 28, 2008 12:13 pm

Mr Tremitiedi forgets when he ran for council and that he was more worried about saying im the 2nd ward councilman. what he got was some support from the mayor but it was not enough to even come close to mrs mason and that he felt slighted by the mayor not throwing the lot at his campaign.Even though he has put ideas into writing on what needs to be done or what coud be done…..hes a hippocrate becuase if he was elected he would be another yes vote or whatever it would take to appease the mayor.

Thursday, November 27, 2008 10:15 pm

Regardless who we vote for, to prevent mis-management, we have to be active to hold our elected officials accountable and to be responsible. The public has to see to it that the leaders get it right ❗

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 8:22 pm

Roberts and his posse of rubber stamps should not be elected to office. Did not Russo and his sidekick Castellano also help expose the overspending and the absence of any accountability and fiscal controls? 5 on the same wave length is a power poker hand. 🙄

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 4:01 pm

[quote]In a sense, our complaints can be considered SELF-ACCUSATION in that we all had a hand in our present administration to one extent or another, voted for or against them or did not vote at all.[/quote]

Saying that everyone either voted for, against, or didn’t vote is like saying that the receiver caught the ball, or he didn’t, and the team won, or they didn’t, and what does it matter anyway?

I know, Richard, that you were a Roberts supporter (and maybe still are?), but not all of us carry the shame of voting for this mayor or these council members that put the rubber stamp on his unchecked race to financial ruin. I don’t agree that we all had a hand in this mess (not that any degree of self-loathing will help make it right). The answer is to eject Roberts and those who enabled his crooked maneuvers, and get more people like Beth Mason, Dawn Zimmer, and Peter Cunningham on the board, without whom this tax situation would’ve likely been swept under the rug for yet another year.

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