Concerned about Property Tax hike?


Well then Hoboken411 reader Scott thought it might be interesting if many people at least give this a shot:

New Jersey Public Advocate

“If you’re concerned about fairness and public participation with respect to the recent property tax hike, e-mail a complaint to the New Jersey Public Advocate. Indicate that a Mr. Steven Walker in the Office of Citizen Relations is looking into whether the fiscal monitor has acted properly here. Nothing may come of this, but safety (and strength) in numbers warrants giving it a try.

nj-department-of-the-public-advocate.jpgThe Public Advocate’s Office of Citizen Relations serves a unique function in accomplishing this broad mission of making government more responsible.

This office acts as the Public Advocate’s front lines. Responding to calls for help from people in every part of New Jersey, Citizen Relations works to resolve specific problems people are having with government agencies, as well as bringing widespread concerns and issues to the attention of the Public Advocate.

This gives the Public Advocate a frontline view of the difficulties affecting people across the state, helping to form a broader response to addressing the concerns of New Jersey citizens.

The Public Advocate encourages citizens to use this important resource when encountering difficulty in getting an appropriate response from a government agency.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008 7:03 pm

Good point to check if the fiscal monitor is performing within the scope of her duties. Also, should not someone be handling a complaint regarding Mr. Roberts illegal unbalanced budget and the gross mismanagement by the Mayor and Council as well 🙄

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