More on the HoLa program (Part II)


Here are some more documents for you to review regarding the “dual language” program (HoLa) that the Hoboken Board of Education is so giddy about implementing:

hoboken boe money pit - More on the HoLa program (Part II)

More fiscal questions

Much has been made about whether the dual language program is actually a “dual language track within a school” or a “school unto itself” no determination has been made in the implementation plan. The HoLa leadership team back in June called the program “an independently run contract school” though Superintendent Jack Raslowsky took great pains to dispute that that is the intention.

Read the circle graph – Appendix C – and draw your own conclusions…

Why would the district need a written plan to provide HoLa with facilities, furniture and equipment if it wasn’t a separate and independent school?

Appendix D – is a classroom staffing plan and includes 1 teacher and 1 teacher assistant for every classroom. I’m sure every parent of every elementary school child currently enrolled in Hoboken Public Schools would like the same student/teacher ratio. But they won’t get it.. Separate but equal…
that doesn’t apply here.

Appendix E – On top of the $150,000 6 month contract to the HoLa consultants there will be much more money spent to support this “school”. Teachers, Full Time Program Administrator, Administrative Assistant, Family Liason, Bi-Lingual Literacy Specialist, Reading Coach, Teachers for Special Subjects, and a dual language Curriculum Expert.

If the Program administrator will be the “instructional leader” and “must possess or be working toward School Administrator certification” will the District eventually have 2 District Superintendents? One for the regular public school and one for the separate and independent dual language school?

Other Services needed from the district include; a pool of substitute teachers, before and aftercare program, special education support and security, maintenance and food services staff.

Appendix F – HoLa budget breakdown for 5 years… which doesn’t include most of the items listed above. So what will the cost of this independent and separate school be to the district? Where will the funding come from? What will be the cost to all the students enrolled in the regular population?

Again – lots of questions – and very few answers. At this rate – is a $100 Million dollar School Budget on the horizon?

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Friday, January 30, 2009 10:46 am

The Hola people don’t want to pay for private school and don’t want ot put their kids in the Public Schools. The Majority of the Board need the votes of the “newbies” so, why not go ahead and use taxpayer money to get them. You’ve got to give it to the machine, they have figured out how to get the “new” vote and for free.

professor pinetop
professor pinetop
Friday, January 30, 2009 9:52 am

wotta boondoggle. the hola people wanted a charter school but did not want to do the work so they met with the superintendent who then sold the concept to the school board who then voted to fund an unsolicited program of relatively dubious academic merit despite the fact it was illegal to do so.

on tv the hola people strike me as a bunch arrogant corporate tools who want to continue the little playgroup club they started at their kids’ prek programs at the expense of the taxpayers and the students already matriculating in the system. they are essentially saying give us a school or we won’t send our kids to hoboken public schools.

i hope the board rescinds the november vote. regardless of the effectiveness of immersion programs, more time will be needed to properly budget this thing. good luck finding dual certified teachers. good luck finding proper substitutes. good luck finding new students when third graders move out of town and new third graders cannot come into the program because they were not part of it all along.

Saturday, December 6, 2008 2:34 pm

I don’t know enough about HoLa to comment on it. However, with the huge increase in Hoboken’s property tax ratables, the school system has increased its tax revenues substantially without increasing the tax burden on individual tax payers. Unless the school budget is realistically constrained, the school tax rate will rise as we have already seen with our city taxes.

What the F
What the F
Saturday, December 6, 2008 9:17 am

Simple Fact – The more the BOE spends the higher our taxes will be. As a taxpayer I am deeply concerned with the BOE open checkbook policy. Roslowski was hired, and then he hired staff to support school system. All he has come up with is the adoption of a pilot program presented by two individuals.
Why not next meeting we have a contest to see who can get an answer out of him. Maybe points for length of non answer or standing to get clarify his view. IE. The new school will be located somewhere in hoboken. Gee wiz Jack, Thanks for yor help. Stroke of luck for you Jack that Roberts son once was one of your students.

Saturday, December 6, 2008 8:07 am

[quote comment=”121844″]Rumor has it that the Hola program will have to be revisited as it was illegal to vote on without and rfp. GO figure, the bod doing something illegal. :evil:[/quote]
How would that work? ops, sorry, can we have our check back?

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