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Seeing that Hoboken has rather narrow streets in many areas, driving can be a treacherous (and annoying) endeavor. Often times, a one single double-parked car (or one that’s too close to an intersection) can tie up the streets for many minutes, creating a backlog of frustrated and hurried drivers searching for that elusive parking spot. Their solution? Honk like an idiotic baby until you get your way.

Here’s what Hoboken411 reader “ShimShady” had to say (see my genius solution to this problem afterward):


I’m tolerant – but this crossed my line!

“This may belong in the “rant” section- now I typically don’t complain about noise and stuff, as a lifelong urban dweller a certain level of street-based cacophony is acceptable to me.

My highly tolerant line was crossed at approx 9:30am (Saturday 11/21) when a delivery truck from RLB Foods basically sat on his extremely loud air horn for a solid 10 minutes on 12th Street and Shipyard Lane, about 10 yards from the 12th Street door of Starbucks. From my window, about 75 yards away, the noise was- without much exaggeration, deafening…. and maddeningly inappropriate for a Saturday morning.

The truck had just delivered to Kings in Shipyard Lane, and in fairness I believe was blocked by parked car jutting too far into the intersection for him to make the turn. However, the drivers reaction was akin to bringing a nuclear bomb to a fist fight, because there were probably about 100 apartments as close or closer to “ground zero”…. and unless they were already deaf they also were assaulted by this horn. It was aggravating enough for me to (calmly and logically) call the normally cooperative Kings to inform them of this poor neighborhood behavior by someone who is associated with their store, and I received a disappointing, placating, reaction from their in-store management. From the amount of local moms with strollers that patronize that store I’d hope that Kings will be all over pressing the importance of community consideration all over their employees and vendors. I also I placed a call into RLB foods and left a voicemail.

Unfortunately, Hudson between 11th and 14th is a two lane, very busy street and no stranger to noise. From the endless construction site that is Maxwell Place to the engine noise- without airhorns- of delivery trucks and buses, the last thing needed is clearly avoidable noise, which was the case here.

Best, ShimShady”

411 says: Fight fire with fire

I’m normally a very tolerant person with most things. Slow drivers, people that are a little “mentally challenged” (I mean regular folks who are a bit clueless), and so on.

Even if I do “get annoyed” with idiots on the street, those that are self-absorbed or pretty much anything else, I usually take the “higher road” and actually use it to my advantage – by treating it as a “life lesson” on how I should NEVER act (and feel sorry for them).

With that being said – there are some times that even my tolerance is exceeded. Cars just laying on their horns in a quiet residential neighborhood is one of them. Imagine – it can be anything from a truly inconsiderate double-parker to something like an ambulance that came to treat someone who’s sick. What idiot would lay on the horn if they see an ambulance up ahead?

One early morning, there was a similar situation in front of my house. I’d say it was around 6:30am (also on a Saturday). Someone was having big trouble parallel parking, and got kind of “stuck.” The first car in line was considerate of that person – and tried waiting till they parked properly. However, the scumbag three cars behind (and directly under my bedroom window) – thought it’d be a great time to LAY on the horn – not just “beep beep,” but “Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh” for 30-60 seconds at a clip. Over and over and over again.

At that point, I realized that this guy needed to learn a little lesson.

I took my giant marine air horn that I have (sort of like the one you see pictured – $12.00 at – and quietly went out to the street. I walked softly up behind the car and signaled with my hands “roll your window down.” At that point I blasted the horn directly in his face – and said “THAT is what it feels like. You don’t like me doing this to you, so don’t do it to everyone that is trying to live here!” and walked back inside.

The honking stopped.

While this may have worked for me – please exercise caution – and understand you’re doing it at your own risk (some idiots might want to fight or something).

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[quote comment=”120603″][quote comment=”120579″]
ASSAULT??? Jesus Christ, I think you’re mistaken as to the definition of the word. That’s not assault any more than the driver was assaulting the people who live on that street. It’s not even simple assault.[/quote]

Try blowing an airhorn (which at close range could cause permanent hearing damage; also exposing the actor to possible civil liability) in a cops ear and let me know how well it works out for you 8)

N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1

a. Simple Assault. A person is guilty of assault if he:

(1) Attempts to cause or purposely, knowingly, or recklessly causes bodily injury to another; or

(2) negligently causes bodily injury to another with a deadly weapon; or

(3) Attempts by physical menace to put another in fear of imminent serious bodily injury.[/quote]

Yeah, great little list there, none of which occurred in this situation. Fail.


When I lived in Manhattan I kept water balloons near my window. If you have a clear path to lob one, eggs work nicely as well. It’s not exactly taking the high road but it sure makes you feel better if you land one and they usually don’t know where it’s coming from. Childish, yes.


Sure your horn BLOWS, but how about your sister or wife ? “just a little horn humor”


i think it comes down to common courtesy. but honestly, retribution accomplishes little. and for someone parallel parking, wait for them to park. it’s not a big deal. at least they’re not ramming bumpers to rush into a spot like half of hoboken does.


[quote comment=”120608″]I should clarify that it wasn’t an inch from his eardrum – just aimed directly at him (about 10 feet away) in which case I was actually CLOSER the the noise.[/quote]

Aw, man! What happened to fighting fire with fire? 😉