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Looking for a moderately-priced Christmas gift for the gear-lover in your life?

flip-mino-hd.jpgI recently bought the Flip Mino HD pocket-sized high definition video camera ($207 at Amazon). What you’ll see below is my brief review – how to get it – and for the YES lovers out there – a song I captured a few weeks ago at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City (was I spying on City Council members? Nah….)

Flip Mino HD – Not bad for the price
Being the guinea pig for pretty much everything in this world (food, gadgets, experimental Area 51 drugs, etc.), I decided to pick this tiny Flip Mino HD camera up to see how well it’d record a concert I had booked for a few weeks.

I bought this because it was easier and lest conspicuous to bring in to a concert venue than a bigger camera. Plus, if it got confiscated – I wouldn’t be out as much money.

Wait a minute – who is Yes?

Well – for all you “all I listen to is what is popular to cool people” out there, Yes, in my opinion, is one of the best progressive-rock bands to ever exist. Genius compositions, great melodies, harmonics, and spacey subject matter in their lyrics that help you forget the every day stresses like cheating bitches and bling.

See this video below for one of their more popular songs. Keep in mind their original lead vocalist Jon Anderson had to sit out of this tour – instead replaced by a tribute band singer named Benoît David who was surprisingly very good!

Flip Mino HD – YES at Borgata – November 21, 2008 from Hoboken411 on Vimeo.

OK, enough about these geezers – the camera?

The Flip Mino HD records at High Definition (1280×720 – progressive scan – 30 frames per second), and holds up to one hour of video on the built-in 4GB of memory. It’s definitely not something you’d use for extended long video shoots, especially since the memory isn’t expandable.

The unit has several benefits. It’s entirely self-contained. The memory & USB port are all inside the unit, with nothing to lose. The interface is simple and no-nonsense. The screen, while small, and not in 16:9 aspect ratio, does the job. Some may say the video looks “washed out,” but it has more of a “film” look if you study it carefully. The size and weight alone make this camera easy to forget that you have it on your person. The pre-installed software on the device is idiot-proof, and will allow even the most novice computer users to dabble in video for the first time with ease.

Now it’s not anything that will ever (EVER) replace a professional HD camera – but for it’s size and price takes remarkably good video. The downsides (naturally) are – no image stabilization (this is a problem when you don’t have a shoulder to brace it), limited zoom (2x – only digital), and sub-standard audio quality. Of course, the main drawback if you’re a HDTV enthusiast, is the bottom-of-the-barrel HD quality at the highest compression. But it does shoot in .mp4 format which is quick and easy to edit with little overhead.

If you’ve been tinkering around with the idea of purchasing one for yourself (or as a gift), it’s definitely a handy device, slick packaging, and incredible ease-of-use! As long as you know it’s limitations – you shouldn’t be in for any disappointments. If you do choose to buy one, please support Hoboken411 by using the Amazon.com links provided!

Parting tidbits

I happen to enjoy the sounds of Yes – and am bit let down that I invited a friend that was oblivious to everything that didn’t concern her. While annoying for a few hours – I got the last laugh.

For you Yes fans – here’s another song I recorded audio only. It’s called “Tempus Fugit” from the Drama album. This was the last song before security told me to stop. You can listen below (flash audio) or download the mp3 here.

Does anyone still consider themselves a fan of Yes?

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i like that album and i love The Yes Album; i also love Asia-Asia; most people would not admit that. i had to buy the Yes biography to figure out all the different lineups.

Big T on Grand
Big T on Grand

One should never apologize for being a fan of Yes. Close to the Edge is one of few albums I can listen to from beginning to end without getting bored…a definite fan here. I wish I knew they were at the Borgata!