Planet Boomer – Hoboken


A group has started up in Hoboken for those “just don’t fit in”… If you feel like you belong – check it out on December 6th!


Planet Boomer

  • Are you a self-described Baby Boomer living in, or associated with Hoboken?
  • Are you tired of the social scene being geared toward those younger OR older than us?
  • Do you want to go out more, but are tired of being the only middle-aged person in the restaurant?

Planet Boomer is a newly-formed organization for all self-described Baby Boomers.

Planet Boomer is for all Baby Boomers whether single, committed, or married; straight or gay; regardless of religious affiliation, etc. Its inaugural chapter is for Boomers living in, or associated with Hoboken, who wish to link with the greater Hoboken community.

Planet Boomer invites all Baby Boomers to join us for a day of fun on Saturday, December 6. The day includes a visit to the Cloisters Museum in NYC via public transportation, followed by a casual dinner in a Latin restaurant near the Cloisters.

We’ll meet in the basement of St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church, entrance on 8th street at 11 AM, and will leave promptly.

Please join us!

If you’re interested in attending this event or want to find out more about Planet Boomer, please contact Marguerite Schneider at

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[quote comment=”120666″][quote comment=”120439″]

but lets be real. you put hobo 30 miles south and it is asbury park.[/quote]

I’d say it’s more akin to Red Bank.[/quote]

Red Bank has better restaurants.

Tama Murden

Re 17: Yeah, it would seem they’re having some problems. Sorry for you, if it was a bust-date.

But it’s a great place, if everything’s working.
It would seem they’re now needing soem additional funding. Sad, b/c it could be such a geat place for school children & adults. Hope they get their act together.

New Jersey—so much potential that continues to shoot itself in the foot.


For anyone who is interested in Planet Boomer, Marguerite is working on fixing the email problem and will get back to 411 soon!


[quote comment=”120421″]Why not visit the JC Museum or the Liberty Science Center [/quote]
Two weeks ago i went to liberty science center with my chick and 40% of the stuff was out of order


[quote comment=”120439″]

but lets be real. you put hobo 30 miles south and it is asbury park.[/quote]

I’d say it’s more akin to Red Bank.