Thanksgiving: Stay or go?


With Thanksgiving just a couple days away – what are your plans?

I’ll be right here in Hoboken as usual. Knowing me, while I will “take a minor meal break” from 411 on Thursday – I will not stop being “tuned in” to what’s going on around town. And if anything noteworthy happens – you’ll find it here! So don’t forget to check in!

I was going to post a “giving thanks” type entry this year – but I looked at 2006’s entry – and it remains essentially the same (except the user part – replace 12,500 and 120,000+ respectively)… so with that being said – hope everyone has a good “turkey day” this year!



Thanksgiving Travel Weather

If you are traveling this Wednesday, you will join many other people heading to their Thanksgiving Day destinations. AAA estimates that roughly 41 million people, either by ground or air transportation, will travel 50 miles or more from home this Thanksgiving.

Travelers from the Northwest to the Southeast should have no problems from the weather. The same cannot be said for the other corners of the nation. A stubborn storm will keep snow showers over the Great Lakes and interior Northeast, potentially resulting in slick roadways. Aside from steady rain in Maine, rain and snow showers will occur in the Northeast’s Interstate 95 corridor. Those showers, however, will be spotty and limited to the afternoon. Temperatures will be too warm for snow to accumulate. There will be very little, if any, impact on travel.

Rain set to move through the Southwest threatens to slow holiday travel. Motorists should be advised that roadways may become slippery as the rain begins to wash away oil residue.

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We ignored all the turkeys and just enjoyed a day off; Chinatown in the morning (acupuncture, massage, dim sum); a quiet afternoon at home; George Foreman grilled salmon, Survivor, and Benedictine sours tonight.


I’m going to south plainfield nj to my gf’s house


You missed it. It was yesterday.


Since Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, I wonder what day Hoboken will observe it for parking regulations.