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Was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a dr. (I am assuming psychiatrist?) that is good at working with ADHD issues? Does anyone who is on ADHD meds just get them from your regualr dr?

Before I moved, that is how I did it, but my GP here said he doesn’t know enough about it to issue the Rx’s, so I had to go to a psychiatrist, who is not in my plan, and I am basically paying out the ass for a monthly 45 minute appointment to get my Rx’s refilled (or slightly tinkered with). Also, for work purposes, I would rather not be “under the care of a psychiatrist”…not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Thanks fellow ADHDers. (I know you’re out there because CVS is always out of my Rx!)

kooky kat

I will give her a good talking to for 100 dollars for 45 mins. 🙂

I have actually heard that a lot of these people don’t take insurance, neither do a lot of dermatologists. Why is that??


Thanks for the tip. She did look in Manhattan initially, but it was a ridiculous process.

She went for someone in Hoboken because it was very convenient, and the last thing she needed was trekking all over NYC to deal with this stuff.

I’ll pass on the info, the out of pocket expenses are becoming a problem since she doesn’t make a lot to begin with.


Whoops – forgot to mention St. Vincent’s. They (and other organizations in NYC) have a mental health clinic that will screen and place you based on your needs.


[quote comment=”90878″]I know someone who has been seeing a psychiatrist in Hoboken for about 2 months, and she’s being charged $250 per session, which ends up being 45 minutes.

(No, not me, though sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be such a bad idea…)

Neither she nor I have previous experience with it, so I am not sure if it’s too much. The Dr. isn’t in her plan (Blue Cross Blue Shield of California), so more than half of it is out of pocket. Trying to find one that is good and accepting patients is like looking for a needle in a haystack- so she settled on this one.

Any advice, personal or from people you know would be greatly appreciated.

You can reply to me directly, if you would prefer to not post it here.


She needs to look in Manhattan.