Monday Morning QB – 11/17/2008


I hope everyone had a fulfilling weekend! I for one, really laid low and took it easy (in terms of the “indulgences” that many of us partake in during the weekends…)

Here are my (semi-non-Hoboken-related) nuggets for this morning:

10 complete in the NFL


With only six more games left in the regular season – it’s shaping up to be an interesting stretch run. The Giants are looking pretty (despite the so-called “tough” schedule), The Jets have a week to bask in the limelight of first place – and believe it or not – The Eagles are by no means out of it!

In a rare tie game in the NFL, the Eagles and last place Bengals ended the game at a 13-13 stalemate. Eagles fans are likely saying “Hey, a tie is better than a loss!”

It was the first tie game since 2002.

Upcoming week: What do you think the outcomes will be of the Giants/Cardinals, Jets/Titans, Eagles/Baltimore matchups?

California is on FIRE


I’m amazed at the crazy wildfires taking place near Los Angeles, California. It seems those “Santa Ana Winds” caused so much trouble out there.

When I did have a chance to check out the news – I felt quite bad for those suffering through such a difficult predicament. All the firefighters and volunteers trying to battle mother nature is astounding.

I found one website that was quite interesting. A CBS news site out west had very comprehensive coverage of the fires – and one thing I found fantastic in the light of such an emergency, was the Google Maps they created to give a summary of the whole situation. Reader pictures, emergency information and much much more. Technology can be an incredible resource if used correctly.

Odd Schedule

frs-energy.jpgI’ve been experimenting with this Lance Armstrong-endorsed FRS Energy System – all sorts of drinks, powders and chews to give you “natural energy…” I have to admit that was interested in a banner ad I saw somewhere on the net – and I clicked the “free 14 day trial” of the substances. Frankly – one, it’s tasty stuff, and two – it really does give you this limitless energy (hence my inability to sleep last night – and the creation of the Sunday Morning Street Scene article). You really shouldn’t take it late at night, but I continued my subscription past the 14 day trial, and am really enjoying it so far.

Have you tried it yet?

What makes you “tick” inside?

organizational-skill.jpgMany of us struggle with “organizational” problems. Those of us not ruled by schedules, agendas, and routine – can suffer from all sorts of problems. From over-cluttering of your life (I did an article about that a while ago…) – to time management issues and just plain chaos. I am one of those people. Are you?

Now the point of this part of my MMQB article is: There are a myriad of “self-help” books, theories, plans, methods, etc. for helping one become more organized and efficient. While that is fine and dandy, and may work for many people out there – I’m 100% convinced that I need a “coach” of some kind. I may have mentioned this before – but someone who can “get inside” the inner workings of a complex individual – and help them help themselves. Not a book, or a system or anything else – but someone that can motivate me to find the answers myself. In other words – someone who can observe, identify and diagnose the precise thing I’m doing wrong – and how to alleviate it.

Can anyone recommend a solution for me?

Food Reviews postponed…


I was all set to have a whole week of food reviews, but because of the quantity of other Hoboken-related topics in the hopper – I’m rescheduling them for next week… At which point I’ll probably forget what my opinions were… because all I did was take pictures and was relying on my memory to help.. we’ll see how that turns out!

Have a great week everyone! (Last full week before Thanksgiving!!)

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I just had a thought that brought up a very good question, 411:

How can self-help stuff be both “fine” and “dandy” at the same time? :mrgreen:

I need my own time zone! Seriously, I’m proud to have gradually become a LOT better at time-management over the past year. Even if, er, it took me a year to get here. I didn’t have help– I just kinda went with whatever came at me, was honest about what I could and couldn’t do (with myself and others) and went with the flow. That’s really the key, I feel: to go with the flow. I know that we’re conditioned to operate on a specific schedule, but for who? I found that by creating my own schedule, I was SO much more challenged on many fronts and, as such, I grew up REAL fast. Because that’s the way it is– really f*ck’n hard and frustrating in the beginning (and sometimes in the middle), the hardest parts being “self-responsibility” and “productivity”. But then it gets easier with an acceptance of what YOUR life is supposed to feel like and the setting-up of boundaries as needed. Eventually, you’ll strike the right balance for you. Also, we really need to stop finding things “wrong” with us– it is yet another business that I don’t want to get into, now. Whatever needs to get done will get done. Good luck. Receiving support is fine. But you can also bring answers right out of yourself. In fact, as far as I see, you do pretty well when you do what comes naturally! Now, if I may be excused, I have to clean-up cat poop.

i think tom coughlin should get a lot of credit–seems like they are more discplined and focused than ever before; maybe eli shouldn’t get any ind’l awards but he definitely has the respect of the team-which says a lot about his his play and his off the field personality–just my .02

ron mexico2
ron mexico2

[quote comment=”119036″]Also for the record, the Giants run is just great. Hats off to Giants fans and their coach for making such a nice offensive line to just slaughter opponents.

Still not sold on Eli. I’m sticking to my “he does just enough to win” philosophy. He hasn’t (or needed) thrown more than 200 yards since the bye week. Dunno if he should get any awards this season, the defense and run offense are the winners here.[/quote]

The only “award” anyone is worried about is another SB ring.

And I’m liking their chances…