Sunday morning street scene


I had to take a walk this morning – since I couldn’t sleep – and because of the lack of fiber in my diet recently.

So Saturday night was a pretty wacky thrill ride in Hoboken. The amateur drunks seemed to be out in full force (I overheard many incidents of vandalism over the Live Police and Fire action channel too – including many burglarized and smashed automobiles downtown).

Additionally there was an event at the Elks Club – which caused problems of their own (double and triple parkers, disputes, noise, music, etc.)

So what was the aftermath this morning? (see 11 more pictures after the jump…)

Drunks, Slobs, Destroyers and Thieves

I didn’t realize this would turn into a post until I was already halfway through my trip – but along the way were countless broken bottles, spewed refuse and discarded food packaging and vomit. That, on top of at least TWO “shoeless” walks of shame… my oh my, what are they putting in the drinks these days?

Hoboken Gold Exchange was apparently robbed. The front door was smashed in – and it appeared that several items were missing from the front display case…
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(Sloppy Sunday, continued…)

Drunks ruin our town

Then across the street – it appears that a group of drunken douchebags decide to wolf their food down at the bus stop in front of Johnny Rockets. French fires, a glass bottle of ketchup – and what appeared to be *rice* on the sidewalk (hope that wasn’t vomit.. blech.)
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5831630 965
5831628 809

McDonald’s is a magnet for angry drunks

A block up the road – it seems as if some window smashery was taking place at McDonald’s. Not only that the entire downtown reeked of stale beer and eggs. Lovely. You may want to re-consider that country house one day.

5831634 cd8
5831633 f39

At least they have security cameras. Do you get one of those in a Happy Meal these days?
5831632 3ff

Pita Grill is smashed too

I could have sworn this had been smashed before – perhaps I’m just confused and delirious.
5831636 12d
5831635 473

Just plain gross

Frankly – we did see many city employees with their rolling garbage cans cleaning up much of the mess left behind (on top of those Hoboken recycling trucks smashing thousands of glass bottles). Additionally, street sweepers do roll by at 6am refreshing the streets in the “urban barfare zones” downtown – so kudos to those that help bring our city back to a more respectable level. This is one of the services that should NEVER be cut from the budget.

But I think these drunken slobs should be held responsible for their actions. With all these Security Cameras going up around town – the city should start a “City Offender” website – and post full resolution pictures of the drunks that leave their mess behind for all to see.

Anyway – this disgusting garbage area in midtown made me gag a little. A filthy pigeon – pizza slices – spilled sauce – and god knows what else.. Urine? Awful!


Do you think the overall “drunkenness” of the city has gotten worse? Stayed the same? Or even gotten better?

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Thursday, November 20, 2008 11:34 pm

[quote comment=”119856″]You stick to your dimwitted analysis then. You don’t seem to appreciate how far-reaching the current economic situation is and the multitude of industries impacted.

Increase in economic problems is absolutely linked to an increase in crime. But someone like you who doesn’t comprehend how the loss of wall street level jobs affects other industries, blue-collar work, and small businesses isn’t working with too many brain cells.[/quote]

Re: 105, I hit submit before I meant to. Sorry about that, Creative Angel… I meant to respond to the point laid out here.

LB, as you see from 104, an increase in economic trouble is not always linked to crime. And that’s not a dimwitted analysis– it’s the actual numbers. Look at the numbers before you disparage someone else’s opinion.

Thursday, November 20, 2008 9:19 pm

[quote comment=”120053″][quote comment=”119869″]cangel, just out of curosity, which industries do you believe are doing just fine ?[/quote] Loan modification, loss mitigation and credit counseling Rental Real Estate vs Purchase Real Estate Liquidators, especially business equipment Pawn Shops Flea Markets, Traders, Classifieds Discount Retailers DIY (Do It Yourself) industry for hardware, supplies and instruction for keeping up maintenance rather than replacing. Debt Collection Agencies Education and Training, as layoffs create need to prepare for alternative employment Temporary Staffing and Contract Employment Services Rental and Leasing Firms, as companies have less cash for purchasing equipment Healthcare, consistent but more in demand when stress increases Resellers of just about anything used or refurbished Equipment Repair, Home Repair and Handyman Services Auto Repair and Maintenance Information, classes, books and/or home study courses on repair, cooking, no-cost leisure activies, etc. Lottery, Alcohol and Tobacco Internet Marketing and Business Opportunity Industry …………. I’ll add “childcare” to this list. I say that those who are struggling will have to be more creative and less lazy and spoiled. Believe me, we are not as economically screwed as other countries, and it is absolutely NOT impossible to dust ourselves off and make our situations work. So far, no one I know is affected by our “crisis”– whether wealthy or not. Actually, most of the people I know are prepared for the worst, exhibiting common sense with regards to where their money is going. Even one friend mentioned, “hey, if I lose my job, maybe I can take up that… Read more »

Thursday, November 20, 2008 9:15 pm

[quote comment=”120035″]Not everyone is an exact reflection of you, dear. :roll:[/quote]

No, you haven’t, dear. You might wanna read on… and maybe get over yourself.

Thursday, November 20, 2008 9:08 pm

Perhaps it was the summer I spent at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but instead hearing people bitch back and forth about whether our financial crisis is/will cause a spike in crime, I decided to look at the actual stats. Our last economic downturn was following sept 11– NJ’s unemployment rate was at its current levels from early 2002 to late 2003. So, based on many of the arguments on this thread, crime should have been higher in Hoboken in those years (granted, there are many other factors, like police presence, etc).

Well, violent crime was up in Hoboken in 2002– but it went back down in 2003. Property crime (which includes the jewelry store burglary) in Hoboken did not go up and down much as the economy went up and down. For example, the rates in 2002 (during a big downturn) and 2005 (a period of prosperity) were very similar.

My point is that just because it makes sense that the economy and crime correlate doesn’t make it so.

And just because one store gets robbed, IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ECONOMY!

Unless I find out the jewelry thief was recently laid off by Lehman Brothers, I don’t buy it.

Sources. Crime Stats:

Unemployment Stats

Thursday, November 20, 2008 8:16 pm

[quote comment=”120044″][quote comment=”120040″][quote comment=”119847″]No, that’s not what I said at all.
Thanks for writing.[/quote]


Food to savor? Not if you’ve moved here from Manhattan. The food here is atrocious.[/quote]

That’s only because you have no idea where to eat. There are plenty of great places to eat– and plenty of bad ones. In fact, when I’m in Manhattan, often I end up eating crappy food– but that’s not cause food in Manhattan sucks– it’s cause I don’t know the best spots to eat.

At least there’s variety here. Be thankful you don’t live in the suburbs where the Olive Garden or Taco Bell is considered ethnic food.

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