Hoboken Week in Review – 11/16/2008


Posts gone wild

With traffic growing steadily on Hoboken411 each week – some might say it’s hard to keep up! So far in November, there have been over 130 stories, and almost 3500 user comments published on the site – which is probably the reason 411 is the site to be in Hoboken.

So what made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday November 16, 2008?

hoboken411 week in review dunkin donuts - Hoboken Week in Review - 11/16/2008

Hottest topics of the week

  1. Castellano Speaks
    Councilwoman Theresa Castellano send a letter to Hoboken411 about the recent budget fiasco – and readers react!
  2. Time to make the donuts!
    A fifth Dunkin’ Donuts is set to open uptown. Hoboken may soon be the most wired city in New Jersey!
    A creative spa owner would have named their new business after the one they took over, in my opinion.
  4. Money and property anxiety
    A reader asks the Hoboken411 Financial Guru about buying real estate. Arguments ensue about ownership.
  5. Uptown Suicide
    Hoboken411 broke the story about a tragic death at the Hudson Tea Building as it happened.
  6. Your arteries are safe eating here
    Coming soon to downtown Hoboken: Energy Kitchen. Will it be tasty?
  7. Chicks with big boobs like being on TV
    Bravo Network held an open casting call for “Real Housewives of New Jersey” over at LUA on Friday night.
  8. Bam! Thud! Bam! Thud! Bam! Thud! – Hello?
    If the city of Hoboken had an official ring tone – it’d be that of a pedestrian getting hit by a car. Happens practically daily!
  9. Oscar makes the top 10 list! Mayor approves!
    A seasonal picture of the Hoboken411 Mascot gets rave reviews from David Roberts (and the readers!)
  10. Jets are Number One! (For now)
    Brett Favre and the New York Jets took over first place in the AFC East, beating rival New England. Not gonna happen, but imagine a Jets/Giants Super Bowl?


    Again, bankruptcy possibilities surface for a big Hoboken real estate developer…
  • Spare a brother a dime?
    Another big developer in Hoboken is sour about their recent economic woes.
  • Save Neumann!
    Like any good soap opera – the saga of the Neumann Leathers building continues…
  • Tasty Recession
    The annual “Taste of Hoboken,” while pleasing for those that attended – had a lower turnout than recent years. See photo gallery.

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