Suspended in time: Works on glass


Swing by the Hoboken Historical Museum (13th and Hudson) tomorrow for a double treat!

Double bill weekend at Hoboken Historical Museum

This weekend opens the season with a double bill for those interested in history and the arts. On Sunday, November 16, from 12pm – 3pm, all are invited to a free reception to celebrate the opening of a new Upper Gallery exhibit of photographic works by McKevin Shaughnessy depicting iconic local businesses.


In photos transposed on glass, Shaughnessy’s “Suspended in Time: Works on Glass” captures the essence of six local businesses that have endured for decades, including Fiore’s deli, Schnackenberg’s luncheonette, Lepore’s Homemade Chocolates, Giovanni D’Italia’s Shoe Repair, Annette’s Beauty Salon and the Guitar Bar, a newer business that preserved much of the d├ęcor of the florist shop that occupied the store from the early 1900s.

Heaven, Hell or Hoboken continues…

savage-peace.jpgWhile there, visitors are encouraged to take a tour of the Museum’s current Main Gallery exhibition, Heaven, Hell or Hoboken: A City Transformed by World War I, and stay for a talk at 4pm by noted historian and author, Ann Hagedorn.

Her recent novel Savage Peace, Hope and Fear in America, 1919, draws lessons from the decisions the country faced after the war that apply to our times.

And next week…

detonators.jpgThe following Sunday, Nov. 23, at 4pm, another author visits to discuss an event that helped accelerate the United States’ entry into World War I, an explosion on Black Tom Island in N.Y. Harbor.

Chad Millman, whose book The Detonators, The Secret Plot to Destroy America, is a journalist who writes like an espionage novelist about a real incident that exposed the country’s vulnerability to sabotage.

Admission for both talks is $5, free for Museum members. (Oh, and you can also buy the book from Hoboken411’s Amazon links!)

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