Is Citibank closing in Hoboken NJ?

Word on the street recently was that Citibank over Marine View Plaza was supposedly closing at the end of this month.

I guess the only people that might be upset are those who have bank accounts with Citi, as it’s a royal pain in the neck to change banks (especially all your online accounts, recurring billing, etc.) But the rest of Hoboken probably wouldn’t even care if a soulless entity like a bank shut down.

Then again, maybe it’s just their lease is up – and they want to move to a more “upscale” location?

We’ll see what pans out.

Is citibank doomed in Hoboken New Jersey

Description: Bank branch & ATM
Address: 110 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 963-2034 – Fax: (201) 798-8423

Pic from 2006:

Citibank marineview.JPG

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