Reader Mail: Double dose of Davey


Today’s Hoboken411 reader mail segment is a bit peculiar for me.

A resident requested that I do some “fun with Photoshop” type pieces in regards to some Mayor Roberts sightings at the recent WWII Memorial Ceremony. I complied, and you’ll see them accompanied by their email below.

However, just yesterday – I received an “out of the blue” phone call from the Mayor (I originally wondered what I did wrong), but he called to tell me how much he enjoyed the “Oscar photo of the week!” How nice!

Now it feels funny to publish this – but it was scheduled all week – so what’s a guy gonna do? (Mayor – thanks again for the compliments on Oscar! Next year – instead of sending me a card for my birthday – just send some treats for Oscar … money much better spent!)

Anyway – on to today’s entry:

Roberts IS Nixon!

Dear Hoboken411,

Take a look at these two photos. One is of Mayor David Roberts sulking in the pouring rain during the World War II memorial service. The other is former President Richard Nixon as he prepared to resign amid scandal. I’m struck by the similarities of the moment. Roberts is looking more like Nixon every day! Between the budget fiasco, the SWAT scandal, and missing HPU million, among other investigations, is it any wonder Roberts is feeling the pressure? It really shows.

dave roberts is dick nixon reader mail hoboken411 - Reader Mail: Double dose of Davey

Caption This Photo!

“Here is another photo that would make a great caption contest. Roberts is sitting between State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack on the left and former State Senator Bernie Kenny on the right. Stack squeezed Kenny out of office. Again it is in the pouring rain at the WWII memorial. Here is my caption.” (411 note: I added their caption to the picture below.)

caption this picture in hoboken of stack roberts and kenny - Reader Mail: Double dose of Davey

What would YOUR captions be?

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Federal Hoboken Education Performance Data

see website:

With latest data compare Hoboken with neighboring cities

Hoboken (in 1996)
# Students 1900
Poverty rate 21%
Spending/Student $22,221 (is now about $25,000)
Grade 4 Reading Proficiency 72%
Grade 4 Math Proficiency 65%

Union City (in 1996)
# Students 6,406
Poverty rate 23%
Spending/Student $15,773
Grade 4 Reading Proficiency 75%
Grade 4 Math Proficiency 83%

West New York (in 1996)
# Students 6,406
Poverty rate 21%
Spending/Student $15,626
Grade 4 Reading Proficiency 83%
Grade 4 Math Proficiency 85%

Jersey City (in 1996)
# Students 29,228
Poverty rate 21%
Spending/Student $17,549
Grade 4 Reading Proficiency 72%
Grade 4 Math Proficiency 70%

I’d certainly be interested in to understand what our neighbors are doing to develop higher proficiency teaching results with less money per student.


[quote comment=”118919″]Seriously truth1 I assume that Councilmen LaBruno and Ramos are up for re-election in May 2009. If we citizens can find better people to replace them shouldn’t we be doing something?[/quote]
We don’t know who’s running yet…however, we can vote for change if we desire…the key is to know the issues and vote.


Can we have a special election to remove the entire Board of Education reps. We spend $25,000.00 per child. When will this disgrace end. For that kind of money, we can pay for every student’s room and board at most Colleges. Imagine that! This is a DISGRACE, and their test scores are a bigger joke. We are better off just handing these kids the money to start a business in town. They will most likely live a better life just using their common sense and investing the money they are handed. The Tax payers should demand the resignation of these members. Ps. How come Hoboken does not have the entire Council, Mayoral and Board of Ed Elections on the same day in the same Year. Don’t you think we could save some money by doing that, not to mention all the junk mail every 10 months. Maybe people would pay more attention that way! $25,000.00 per pupil, ENOUGH SAID! Don’t even try to defend this BS unless the students score in the top 5% year after year. The teachers and administrators should be indicted for these results! Time to clean house and find a way to penetrate these Bullet Proof Union Contracts. The same type of Unions that will result in America not having a single car manufacturer. They are responsible for what is wrong with our Country! Thanks for the legalized extortion. Ps. I am sure there are a few very qualified and dedicated teachers, but the majority must… Read more »


Seriously truth1 I assume that Councilmen LaBruno and Ramos are up for re-election in May 2009. If we citizens can find better people to replace them shouldn’t we be doing something?


[quote comment=”118909″][quote comment=”118906″][quote comment=”118898″]Reducing Hoboken City Budget. re: post #12 from ant Contracted services are not detailed in the city budget but amounts actually paid are reviewed at Municipal Council Meetings. See for example: That report shows that in January 2008 the following amounts were paid for services provided to the Department of Environmental Services. (the report also has many other items). Sanitation 00106 Cali Carting Solid Waste Removal 1/08 $ 99,833 .33 PIER C 02371 Michael Van Valkenburgh Professional Services $ 92,748 .27 Also that January were expenses to the Parking Utility for $91,407.65. And $111,187.08 to Human Services. and $76,791.77 to Community Services. – – Booked to the Administrative Department were: FINANCE Oct .-Nov ., 2007 $159.85 00428 Donohue, Gironda Services 2/08 $ 27,000.00 02019 W .B . Mason Co . Supplies 124 .19 02179 Metropolitan Coffee Water Exchange 30.00 02505 Inst ./Prof . Devel . Seminar Fees 99.00 SPECIAL COUNSEL 00999 Scarinci Law Firm Services 12/07 $8,025 .21 01000 David Corrigan Prof. Services Sept .-Oct ., 2007 9,232.00 02295 Lindabury Law Firm Prof.Services Sept .,Oct .,Nov .-07 $2,910.00 TOTAL SPECIAL COUNSEL $20,167 .21 And others for a total $75,887 .55 against the DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATION – – There was a total of $846.212.45 against the UNCLASSIFIED CLAIMS. see: GROUP HEALTH INSURANCE 00027 Blue Cross Blue Shield NJ Dental insurance 1,2/08 $90,131.16 00028 Blue Cross Blue Shield NJ Health insurance 12/07 620,548.73 00029 Cobra Elect Adm fee 12/07 37 .14 00031 Vision Service Plan, Inc .… Read more »