What’s up with the sinkholes?

[note: ironically, this was compiled prior to the water main break near 7th street earlier this morning]


Hoboken Resident Liz Markevitch sent Hoboken411 an email indicating how irritated she is with PSE&G and how they’re recklessly tearing up our roads!

hoboken pseg 7th street nj sinkhole digging - What's up with the sinkholes?

How many times does it take PSE&G to fix a problem?

On November 3, 2008 Hoboken Firemen blocked off Grand Street between 8th street and 7th. They walked around with a Gas sniffer but ended up leaving.

PSE&G soon came and blocked off Grand between 7th and 6th and began jack hammering and removing dirt. They later paved the hole at the end of day. They have since been back 3 more times including today to redig up and pave hole.

History: On a 100 year old map 7th street was a creek. There are still to this day several underground streams that cause a constant sinkhole on the southwest corner of 7th and Grand and flooding to certain basements in area. We have had constant activity over the last 10 years. Flooding – Sewage back up – Sinkholes.

There are areas in the back of town that are only 2 feet higher than the water table. Which is why when pilings were drilled for large apartment buildings, sometimes they met with no resistance and the poles would go in the ground like a knife going through soft butter. A top engineer from Newark Airport told me there are buildings in the back end of town that have sunk a foot.

Hoboken ignores all ordinances

Hoboken Zoning and Planning boards and Construction Offices have repeatedly ignored Federal , State and Local ordinances Controlling filling, grading, dredging, and other development which may increase flood damage; and, Preventing or regulating the construction of flood barriers which will unnaturally divert flood waters or which may increase flood hazards in other areas.

This is why many of us have had our Flood Insurance rates climb 370% due to flood related claims. To continue to act as if there are no underground streams, closeness to water tables , runoff from the Heights is why Hoboken floods almost every time it rains.

And why we will have constant cave ins from water erosion and constant idiotic construction damage to our roads, water pipes, and 18th century wooden sewer pipes.

hoboken pseg 7th street nj sinkhole - What's up with the sinkholes?


Hoboken has the 2nd highest number of construction lawsuits in the state (buyers can sue their contractors for problem with new buildings for 10 years) and on the same front sellers and real estate people can be sued for not providing information regarding significant changes in the future such as rising taxes, sinking builings, and 45 story buildings going up to block views.

Oh, by the way, a PSE&G person who told me every time they use a jackhammer it counts as new project instead of one project so they make more money.

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That corner has smelled of leaking gas for the last 2 months. Why is this reader irritated that Public Service is trying to fix the problem?


they paved paradise and put up a parking lot, with a bank, a nail salon, a cell phone store and real estate office


its too bad the pavers don’t have this knowledge. hopefully they read this article.


I should also add that a new solid foundation of a few feet of 3/4 stone and packed stone/gravel would need to replace the cobblestone as a new solid foundation with good drainage


being familiar in the “paving arts”, i can tell you that our Hoboken roads will never be smooth until they rip up all the old pavement, and remove the cobblestone roads that lie beneath. large rocks under pavement attract water(and as stated above there are under ground creeks and obvious flooding issues in town). Water collects around those stones and cause the ground to swell. This causes a major ripple effect in the paved road. You can repave all you want, the roads will always be garbage until the cobblestone is removed..

“pave the planet”!!