Salute to Women in the Arts


Head over to the Monroe Center (720 Monroe Street) this weekend (Saturday, November 15 at 7pm) to attend a fundraiser for arts education!


Salute to Women in the Arts

The “Put on Your Dancing Shoes” Gala is comprised of artwork, music & dancing, food and of course booze!

$10 cover charge (plus cash bar) will let you check out 25 skilled women (and their artwork, naturally) on display on the second floor gallery of the Monroe Center. Salute to Women in the Arts is a non-profit New Jersey art advocacy targeted primarily for the ladies – but help provide scholarships to both genders.

The “Main Event” at this fundraiser is “Art Shoes,” which is a fascinating take on shoes in our culture. The shoes will be raffled off during the night. On top of the lovely foot coverings will be a few dance exhibitions performed by the Center for Modern Dance Education – along with live jazz and other genres of music.

The Gala Opening is not the end of this event, which started on October 29th. It continues through November 28th.

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