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I figured I’d pass along some great tidbits about the gym in Hoboken that get you the best results!

Kids classes at Club KO

club-ko-for-kids.jpgClub KO has some new offerings as of late – including a drop-off kickboxing classes for kids. You can drop your kids off to workout at Club KO while you get your errands done!

Here are the class details (Kids still need gloves – $10):
Group 1: ages 4 – 6
Group 2: ages 7 – 12
Time: 3:30pm – 4:15pm
When: Wednesdays and Fridays
Location: 900 Madison Street (above Shoprite)

For more information email or call 201-963-7774.

Keep your children healthy for half the price and double the fun.

Refer a friend bonus for existing members

There are only 17 days left to refer a friend and receive a free month of membership. Please do not wait until the last minute, refer a friend today!

Below is a free class pass that you can forward to your friends. Please feel free to forward it to as many people as you would like to.


You could also email with 3 friends that you would like to refer, and they will personally invite them in for a free class. All you would need to do is include their name and phone number, and they will do the rest.

Please Note:

  1. The person must sign up for membership.
  2. The new member MUST list you as the referrer on their contract in order for you to get credit.
  3. A renewal does not constitute a new member.
  4. This special offer runs through November 30th 2008.

Find out more at!

“Lose those holiday pounds before you gain them.”

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Cheeky they have a whole 2nd floor filled with weights. And other excersise equipment.


David Carradine? haha! oh man!!! Believe or not, growing up I actually went out of my way to watch that show. The son on that show was more coordinated and athletic than Carradine, but he still got beat up in the end. I mean c’mon, Carradine didn’t even carry a gun…the son did. Gotta love hollywod. Even a dude like Carradine can be made into the like of Li, Chan, and Lee.


[quote comment=”118537″]Forget the best gym, how about the best kung-fu/action hero? If you had to choose between Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, or Donnie Yen, who would you want in your corner. This is a tough one. Jet Li’s best film is either Fist of Legend or Fearless. Jackie Chan’s best is either Drunkin’ Master II or Supercop. Bruce Lee’s best is either Enter the Dragon or Game of Death. And Donnie Yen’s best by far is Tiger Cage II. For those of you who just happen to miss any of the above, check them out. May I suggest Or limewire? Anyway, the debate is left open to the people. Now the real question is, does anyone care?[/quote]

I’ll take David Carradine


Anyone that has used this club, can you comment on what the weight area is like say compared to HAC? I still have not joined anywhere since Empire has closed, after checking out all the clubs, the choices are uninspiring when you factor in the absurd monthly rates.


[quote comment=”118537″] Now the real question is, does anyone care?[/quote]

I think not Grasshopper! 😯