Green meeting at McBride’s tonight!


There’s a “roundtable” meeting over at Willie McBride’s (616 Grand St.) tonight at 7pm. Even if you’re not a firm believer in global warming – you can learn different ways to help reduce your energy bills – which is surely welcome in today’s tough economic times!

go green save green willie mcbrides hoboken qlc - Green meeting at McBride's tonight!

Go Green and Save green!

Condo and home owners interested in reducing their energy bills – while shrinking their carbon footprint – are invited to a free roundtable discussion with experts in energy-saving solutions for homes and condo buildings. The event will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 12, at 7pm, at Willie McBride’s back room, 616 Grand St., Hoboken, N.J., and is sponsored by the Committee for a Green Hoboken, a group formed under the auspices of the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition to work on reducing the CO2 output of Hoboken’s public and private sector.

Experts will include Paul Novack of Green Depot, a provider of green building products; Curtis Battle of GeoGenix, a company that performs home energy audits and installs residential solar and other renewable energy systems; and Gary Holtzman, member of a local condo association board that swapped out light bulbs and water heaters, along with a number of easy energy efficiency moves that dramatically reduced the association’s overhead costs. Novack’s expertise includes non-toxic building materials, as well as eco-friendly products.

After a series of brief presentations and discussion with the audience, the panelists will stay around to answer questions one-on-one with audience members. Food and beverages are available to order from McBride’s.


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(Go Green & Save Green, continued…)

About the panelists

Green Depot’s mission is to make green building products and services readily accessible, so that green building can be easily adopted into standard construction operations. Its goal is to help make sustainable building cost competitive, and provide products of the highest quality that are certified green, and guaranteed through a proprietary chain of custody. Green Depot ( was founded by Sarah Beatty in 2005 and joined forces with green building pioneer Environmental Construction Outfitters of New York (ECO) in October 2006. Founded in 1991 by toxicity expert Paul Novack, ECO was created to provide products to people with health issues and chemical sensitivities, and carried a full range of hypo-allergenic, natural, sustainable and recycled home products.

GeoGenix LLC is a New Jersey-based home energy auditor and installs solar, wind, geothermal and other renewable energy systems. For more information, visit

About the Committee for a Green Hoboken

Participation in the Committee for a Green Hoboken is open to anyone interested in reducing the CO2 outputs of our community and making Hoboken more environmentally sustainable. Since forming in September 2007, the Committee has grown to more than 30 volunteers, with a working committee that meets monthly. To date, QLC and the Committee have succeeded in pushing for the city’s adoption of a resolution to join the U.S. Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement, committing the city to audit and reduce its CO2 emissions by 2020, which should also reduce its energy bills. The Committee has also raised awareness of ways in which individuals can reduce their CO2 emissions through its “Wake Up to Green” seminar series and “Easy Being Green” monthly tips. For more information, visit or send an e-mail to

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