Hoboken Week in Review – 11/9/2008


Historical Week

America has a new President-Elect in Barack Obama! While all the buzz in town (and the rest of the country) was the historical election – there were still plenty of Hoboken topics making headlines on 411.

What made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday November 9, 2008?


Hottest topics of the week

    Mismanagement and over-spending by the Hoboken City Government left property tax-paying residents footing the bill. They absolutely will NOT forget about this come election time in May – despite the political spin machine trying to lay responsibility on those seeking transparent government.
  2. Election Frezy!
    Many topics covered the 2008 Presidential Election. Some noteworthy hot-button entries were:
  3. Hole in the wall opens up
    The wacky Sybil’s Cave opens – Hoboken insiders have a love fest congratulating themselves. See Hoboken411 music video.
  4. World War II memorial opens
    Hundreds of onlookers get soaked for 2.5 hours as Hoboken residents are remembered for their sacrifices.
  5. NOT a good neighbor
    Carmelo Garcia’s property on Bloomfield Street makes news again – this time damaging the home next door.
  6. City Council Meeting
    What was the hot topic at this weeks council meeting? Property taxes, of course!
  7. Resident not happy with Russo
    A Hoboken411 reader expresses their displeasure towards 3rd Ward Councilman Michael Russo – and the pamphlet he sent out.
  8. Mayor Roberts is Number One!!
    Not necessarily a good thing – especially when the poll is “Who would you remove from City Hall!”


Event Calendar

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Some upcoming events in Hoboken:

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#3 is among the FUNNIEST lines I’ve read on this site, 411. WAY TO GO! 😆


A review of this week will help make one informed of Hoboken’s priority issues. Pick a rainy day 😛