Reader Mail: Michael Russo Flier


A Hoboken411 reader (who requested not to be named) – sent in their opinions of a flier that 3rd Ward Councilman Michael Russo recently sent out.


Russo ignores the important issues

“Councilman, Chair of the Council’s “Finance Committee”, and candidate for Mayor Michael Russo wants to talk about anything but who’s really responsible for the city’s budget meltdown. Last week his flyer even quoted Bill Clinton: “it’s the economy, stupid”.

Well no Michael, it’s not the “economy” and we’re not “stupid.” The “economy” didn’t make the city’s fiscal mess, you and your friends did.

Mayor Dave Roberts, who you endorsed in 2005, overspent the budget by $11 Million dollars. CFO George DeStefano, your Uncle, let him get away with it. Peter Cammarano pushed a so-called “cap waiver” to sweep the overspending under the rug. If not for those Council members who voted NO and brought on state monitoring, we’d never know how bad things were.

And you Michael Russo. Did you propose a budget that cut spending? Did you propose job layoffs or work to enforce the hiring freeze? Did you ask the tough questions that you as Finance Chair could only ask? No, No, No you did not.

Is this the best that we can expect from the self proclaimed “full time” councilman? You don’t pay property taxes. You live in a government subsidized apartment. Your gas and electric are paid for by the government. You get a government subsidized parking space. You receive free health insurance benefits (major medical, prescription, vision and dental) for life as a Hoboken City Councilman; no co-pays, no deductibles along with your $24,130 councilman’s salary…..

So while taxpayers and renters (those not living in subsidized housing or PILOT/Tax abated buildings) may be feeling the pinch, Finance Committee Chair and Councilman Michael Russo is definitely NOT….”

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Monday, November 10, 2008 5:25 pm

[quote comment=”117727″]i’m not saying what would be bad or good, just reporting the rumors and wondering if we should talk about these alliances before the election instead of waiting.[/quote]

It is a great point. Now (that we are 6 months from the mayoral election) is the time to ask. A.) Who is running? B.) What are their plans/goals if elected Mayor? C.) What accountability will they claim for their administrations actions? D.) What will they do to increase visibility into (proposed and actual) spending and cost reductions?

The answers should be IN THE HOBOKEN REPORTER in December (NOT APRIL)!!!!!

Hoboken is a great town. Get involved, get knowledgeable and get vocal (and not just on the internet).

Saturday, November 8, 2008 10:58 am

My opinion is not inspired by Roberts, who wants to go back to the old commission form where the five highest vote totals get to be a commissioner with no 50% plus one. Union City and others have this form. Then the elected commissioners get to pick the Mayor. This is an antiquated form of government. Roberts is in denial and thinks he can wind up in the highest five. By the way, I am also open to Helen Hirsch’s opinion expressed at the 11/5 council meeting to consider the City Manager, council (5) form of government. And, to be sure, Helen is not a supporter of the Mayor. My research, indicates that some authorities feel that experience has shown where cities have a city manager, that the manager has too much power. However, I feel that both the administrator and manager forms should be explored and if found feasible under the Falkner Act, then it should be given to the voters for their approval. You do make some good points regarding the financial firm, which has been in place for 3 years and yet this overpending of the budget and court mandated state supervision has resulted because of the mismanagement of many elected, appointed officials and perhaps, highly paid consultants. 🙄

Saturday, November 8, 2008 9:18 am

[quote comment=”117749″]Just from reading 411 sometimes I realize what a bunch of pricks we have running this town. How the heck did they get to run Hoboken? They were voted in? Will they be voted out soon?

I’m serious with my questions, I don’t know much about local politics and it amazes me people like this get to run towns.[/quote]

DRoss – Not a bad question. Consider: 1. Separating fact from fiction. Some things on this board are very true (for instance, Picardo’s addition to his house is being investigated) and some are just rumors or opinion or conjecture…remember, this is the internet. So just read with some sense of questioning and come to your own conclusions. There are lousy politicians and there are crooks, but not everyone is one. 2. Think about the people around you, how many of them are reading 411 or bothering to look at a local newspaper to see what’s going on? They all get their tax bills in the mail, but by then the deeds are done.

So that’s how – 1. Not everyone is a crook, and 2. For those that are, people aren’t paying attention until it’s too late. And sometimes not even then. So they don’t vote, and you get the same ol same ol.

Oh, and number 3, good people arenj’t going to run for office in such a harsh political town sometimes.l

Stay involved and keep reading.

Saturday, November 8, 2008 9:08 am

[quote comment=”117674″]Judy Tripodi, Fiscal Contol Off. has recently taken away the medical coverage for all municipal part-time workers. Since, the council positions are part time, it makes a lot of sense that they should not receive this coverage. Additionally, why does the city need NINE councilpersons…Under the Faulker Act. the city administrator/mayor/5 council-at-large form seems right for Hoboken’s size and population. This makes the council more manageable and saves $ as well. Additionally, it saves the cost of one election since they all run at the same time and because they make decisions that affect the whole city, they have to be elected at large. Judy has indicated to many that she will listen to ideas presented that will help the city. Her office is in City Hall, 94 Washington St. and her phone no. is 201-420-2059. I have made some suggestions to her which she is considering. You all should do the same. :idea:[/quote]
Truth1 – stop with the Roberts inspired BS. Having only 5 council people would only make it worse. This is a Dave Roberts position to consolidate executive power. If you want to change the form of government change it to where we have a professional BA and the mayor runs around cuting ribbons. That makes more sense. Fire the current Accountant firm and pay a real deal top flight BA to run the city.

Friday, November 7, 2008 10:11 pm

Just from reading 411 sometimes I realize what a bunch of pricks we have running this town. How the heck did they get to run Hoboken? They were voted in? Will they be voted out soon?

I’m serious with my questions, I don’t know much about local politics and it amazes me people like this get to run towns.

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