Hoboken City Website Updates


In the past, Hoboken411 has touched on three of what should be the most viewed (and useful) city websites.

City Hall (or the “City of Hoboken”) website
Hoboken Police Department

Dave Roberts Vanity Site

hoboken-roberts-mug-tracker-city-website-hoboken411-sm.jpgThe City Website – is often referred to by local residents as the “Dave Roberts Vanity site” (or Davey’s MySpace Page) – because of the little useful information – and copious amounts of “feel good” news and ribbon-cuttings.

At one point – they were making what seemed to be semi-good progress to improve the navigation – and usability – but that is apparently stuck in the mud.

I still think they should model their site (and especially the amount of transparency) – to the Scottsdale, Arizona website.. You’d be amazed at how organized the city council notes are…

What’s taking the city so long? Too busy installing spy cameras and bike lanes?

Hoboken Fire Department

hoboken-fire-department-water-rescue-unit.jpgNever really touched on this before, but it seems the Hoboken Fire Department site was recently re-done by a company called Shore Software.

A basic HTML site with a few links, and good news about a new baby (as well as the ongoing Winter Coat Drive)!

They even used a photo I took of the LaScala Fire on 14th Street back in 2006! I feel very honored!

Below is their promotional video for the Water Rescue Unit. Note that the number one feature is “On Duty 24 hours.” Glad we don’t live in a city where they’re only on duty “part time.”

However – the slogan on the main page is “Fight Fire with Fire.” Forgive me if I don’t get it – but if that phrase is truly their motto – I’d be a bit nervous!

Hoboken Police Department sells books

Last year – I pointed out that the Hoboken Police Department website had a semi-official “under construction” graphics – and was supposed to be finished soon. That never happened. It eventually turned into some horrible link-bait site – that angered a Hoboken resident.

Now – a company called LJRD (who have a blank website) – created a “splash page” at no charge. They even sell Amazon books!

It has basic city info and (dead) links to non-functioning Hoboken sites.

This company LJRD – also designed the Century 21 Real Estate site in Hoboken. Wondering if they’re keeping the site as a placeholder for the HPD – or just holding the domain hostage?

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OOOO Hoboken has a new website: http://www.hobokennj.org/


Slowest loading website EVER!

In response to homeworld who said:

OOOO Hoboken has a new website: http://www.hobokennj.org/


[quote comment=”117652″] Its nice to have inside information.[/quote]

Sure is! 8)


Biffy he looks like Jack Tripper in the insert photo in the right hand corner. lol


I wonder how many of Picardo’s properties have illegal apratments? You all know him and his family bought a bunch of homes in the late 80’s & 90’s, they are all under different family names. Think about it, he is and then was the tax man, he knew exactly who was losing their homes back then and had members of his family buy them up at the cost of what was owed.. its the truth. Its nice to have inside information.

Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor

Putting all feelling aside and I’m comfortable enough in my own manhood to say – he’s a pretty handsome guy, not going to lie.