Football mid-term polls


Surprisingly, the three most popular tri-state area teams (Giants, Jets, Eagles) all have winning records at the midpoint of the 2008 NFL Season.

With the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants leading the way at 7-1, the Jets tied for division lead, and the Eagles only two back of first – there’s still plenty of season left for drama.


The Giants face what some say is one of the most difficult second-half schedules, playing Philly (twice – including this Sunday night), Dallas, Washington, Baltimore and Arizona over the next six games.


Some mid-season reports indicate that the NY Jets will actually squeeze in as the 6th Seed in the AFC Playoff Hunt – while the Eagles will finish 10-6, but will fail to make it to the post-season in the tough NFC.

What do you think?


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[quote comment=”117671″]where are all those a-holes now who were saying giants were gonna be awful this year?[/quote]

Go slow on the “repeat”…27-40 is the combined record of the 8 teams that the Giants have faced this year. I think Giants have faced a lot of mediocure teams, or teams reeling from injuries with their starting QBs (like Big Ben’s gimpy shoulder and a Romo-less Dallas team).

I think the Birds will give the Giants a run for their money, but I still feel we are the underdog in this game. Eagles have lacked a consistency this year in offense, but I think our defense has been the best I have seen in a long time.

I think this will be a good test for the Giants this weekend. They get a win and they will cruise to a NFC East championship, no doubt. A loss, and the Birds are nipping at their heels, only a game out of 1st place.


big games this weekend, the Bills WILL rebound this week to beat the pats and the jets should beat the rams. Miami has already gotten their lucky wins this season.


where are all those a-holes now who were saying giants were gonna be awful this year? and where are all the fair weather cowboys fans? go F yourselves! big blue repeat!


The Dolphins will win the AFC East.