Hobokenpix: Cruise ship in Hudson


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Hoboken Photo of the Day – 11/6/2008

A nice shot I got of a cruise ship sailing down the Hudson River on a perfectly clear day.


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Stevens used an ocean liner as a dorm for about 10 years, too.


For years the holland/american line used the 6th pier for their cruise operations. In the movie on the waterfront you can see the cruise ships in the background. I think they pulled out in the late 50’s.


Uhh, Ribbon-cutter Roberts has already taken credit for the cruise ship he brought to Hoboken.

Which one? The decrepit-looking Cornucopia Majesty docking up near the Shipyard.

I’m serious.


[quote comment=”117700″]Mo DeGennaro, the Hoboken city council meeting pundit, years ago proposed a cruise ship line in Hoboken…Recently, N. J. Transit has expressed interest in same in their future plans. A once a week ship with free syle dining can gain revenue for the city for docking fees as done in Bayonne, and help local business as well. Pictures of this would be great as well 😛 :idea:[/quote]

I remember reading in the Hoboken Reporter about 6 years ago that that was supposed to happen.