McCain vs. Obama game


Want something to do while you await election results today?

(moved it off the home page – because of auto-playing music)

mccain vs obama game - McCain vs. Obama game

Play the game after the jump!

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McCain vs. Obama!

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[quote comment=”117495″][quote comment=”117481″]I fail to see the distinction between marriage and civil union. What rights would one have that the other would not?[/quote]

I think there really is no difference, other than that (and I could be very wrong here) a ‘marriage’ is traditionally performed in a place of worship or under the governance of a religious figure (minister, reverend, whatever) while a civil union is performed at City Hall, etc. by a non-ordained official. Again, I could be wrong. Why is it necessary to differentiate the two? I think the problem arises when a gay couple announces that they want to get married in, for example, a Church and the Church says, ‘No – it’s against our beliefs’…if it’s defined and permitted as marriage under law, couldn’t the church then be sued for denying them the right to get married?

Bottom line: what’s the big f’ing deal? Two people love each other and want to make a commitment to one another…why not let them? It’s silly.[/quote]

“matrimony” is a christian sacrament. and i think the word marriage comes from that sacrament. that’s the only logical thing i can come up with??

this article is hilarious


[quote comment=”117445″][quote comment=”117443″]so california is full of social conservatives? oy! who knew?[/quote]
It’s not full of it, it was close and many democrats apparently believe marriage is between a man and a woman.

I don’t get it. How does two men getting married (or two women) affect anyone outside of those two? How is the sanctity of marriage broken? I mean, divorce is an affront to the sanctity of marriage. Cohabitating is an affront to the sanctity of marriage (depending on what you consider “the sanctity” to be). . .but gays marrying? WTF???[/quote]

the people i know very well that are big on some of these issues try to explain it to me this way: gay marriage, since they believe being gay is a “choice”, is not natural, and would destroy the “family” society that exists in america. it’s something that they think will tear apart society.

i’m not saying i agree with the line of thinking, but that’s the best explanation i’ve received for why people are against it.


[quote comment=”117417″]I guess no one wants to factor in the MSM news media and campaign for the personal attacks and double standards not only against Palin, but also Hillary.

Do you guys actually think it was all Palin? Or how about all those attacks and complicity of what should’ve been unbiased treatment?[/quote]

i mostly just watched palin speak, and didn’t watch a ton of the coverage on her, and came to the conclusion she was not that bright. maybe the media had an effect, but she deserved being attacked, because she was an idiot in the spot for VP.



No church is obligated to perform a marriage. They can deny people for whatever reason they wish. Catholics do it all the time.