Voter fraud is easy in NJ!


Voter Fraud Ahead?

Today when you go to vote, you’ll cast your ballot electronically on a computer that Princeton University researchers have found to be “easily hacked!”

Perhaps you’ve seen the reports about how easy it is for someone to tamper with the Sequoia Voting Systems machines that are used throughout New Jersey. Then again, maybe you haven’t because our state government has been suppressing information about just how secure these Sequoia voting machines are. Take a look at this CNN report which outlines how truly vulnerable these paperless voting machines really are:

Evidence of easy voting machine fraud in New Jersey from Hoboken411 on Vimeo.

Now, after watching that you might be thinking “But it’s not like these machines are left unattended in public places for days at a time where people could hack them right? These paperless voting computers must be safely under lock and key where nobody could take the few minutes needed to hack them, right?”


See the unattended city voting machines – and comedy video – after the jump!

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(Voter Fraud in NJ – Continued…)

Take a look at these pictures of Sequoia Voting machines that have been left unattended in the hallways of Hoboken City Hall for an entire week! These machines were accessible to anybody who walked in off the street, including many people who attended the Zoning Board meeting last Tuesday, October 28th when these pictures were taken!


Think about how quickly the researchers in the CNN report were able to tamper with these machines, which have been left available and unattended for a week out in the open. Then think about all the polling places in Hoboken where people could have tampered with machines, and then all the polling places in Hudson County, a hotbed of voter fraud allegations for over a century. Something to think about when those results come rolling in tonight.

– See the full Princeton Report Here (158 page PDF)
– And for more on the hackable Sequoia machines

11/4/2008 Comedy Update:

The Onion – known for their hilarious parodies – created a video – saying the the Sequoia Voting Machines – elected “one of their own” as President.

Huge upset in Presidential Election

Voting Machines Elect One Of Their Own As President

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[quote comment=”116766″][quote comment=”116765″]What happens if my voting school is scheduled to close at 8, and I get there at 6 after work, and there is a > 2 hour wait? Will my vote not count after 8?[/quote]
They’ll keep the door open for anyone who was in line before 8pm.

I’m going to guess you’re too young to remember this in the previous 2 elections, but it’s a madhouse at night. Good luck tonight.[/quote]

There were two women in front of me in line at my locations – just two. I consider myself lucky.


[quote comment=”116731″]If you go to the proper polling place in your ward, you don’t have to wait in line with everyone else. I was able to jump ahead because I voted at the polling place in my district, I would recommend doing the same to save time.[/quote] Here, here. Walked right across the street, down the block,’round the corner and through a door with signs leading to a white room with three tables. One of the three tables had to be the one that I needed to get a ticket from, and it was the one farthest to the right. I signed my name on two lines while two poll workers stared at me. Then I gave my ticket to the guy behind me and he pointed me to an available voting booth. It was my first time voting, but it was easy enough to figure out the touch-screen mechanics. I pushed three buttons (didn’t vote for Romano) and three x’s popped up brightly with neon-green light. Then a red button on the bottom right of the screen lit up– it was my confirmation button. When I was ready to confirm my three votes, I pushed that red button. A message followed on the bottom left of the screen, indicating that my votes were secured. So I emerged from the voting booth curtains, thanked the nice people and went home. Not so hard. Didn’t have to wait on line at 4:00 PM, either!


Christ, can’t we have one day without a conspiracy theory on this site?


[quote comment=”116842″][quote comment=”116834″][quote comment=”116813″]My goal is to sign people in so the lines move a little better. They can keep the pay. I’m volunteering dammit.[/quote]
I’ll see you there. Just make sure you’re at 4-1, Line A-K :mrgreen:[/quote]
I’m not kidding. The problem is that she was old, I’m sure. She was ridiculous for taking a phone call (and thanks to black the poll worker who told her to cut the shit and get back inside, that woman gets it).[/quote]
‘black the poll worker’ was the one who knew how to run a show…too bad she wasn’t in charge. She told me she’s going to complain to the election commission of the stupidity of having the alphabet books only split in two to match two booths. It should easily have been divided into 4 books and gone twice as fast. Complain to the county clerk to get with the program!


Poll workers in Hoboken receive $200.00 to work the poll. Challengers are volunteers.


I worked a polling location and for the 5 districts it was me and 2 other Zimmer challengers, working for free. Peter had 12 challengers all of whom were getting paid.

I sat with 3 of them. One was a Stevens student picking up some extra cash, the other 2 were from West New York. The section we were working had a very good poll worker who ran a tight ship. All the poll workers were very nice as well for the districts I covered

In response to truth1 who said:

Poll workers in Hoboken receive $200.00 to work the poll. Challengers are volunteers.