Readerpix: McCain wins candy election


Hoboken411 reader Ivan sent in this picture his son in a John McCain Halloween costume!

Hoboken411 reader photo of the day – 11/4/2008

McCain stops by to visit with Ron and Claudia Liberty on Halloween Night!

Actually, McCain is my 11 year old son, Sammy. The costume was totally his idea and we thought it was funny. We were all completely surprised by the reaction to the outfit. Sammy was stopped on the street by people wanting to shake his hand, take pictures with him and hand him lots and lots of candy. If our very unofficial candy count is any indication… McCain has Hoboken in the bag… He got TWICE as much candy as his brothers!! LOL!


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This is just to cute. I thought I would have seen some Obamas and McCains on Halloween. I didn’t see one until this photo. I did see a Sarah Palin.