Live Blog: Election Night 2008

11/4/2008 Update:


11/4/2008 Update:

(Don’t forget to come back this evening at 8pm for the Live Election Results Blog!)

Hoboken afternoon voting update

Many of Hoboken’s polling places have been overwhelmed in yet another predictable and preventable mess. The polls with the biggest problems and longest waits serve the wards and districts with the biggest influx of new construction over the last several years. While the populations of the 2nd and 4th wards have grown the number of voting machines at their polling places remain the same. For instance, the ward with the biggest population (the 4th) has the fewest districts! This means long lines and big problems, especially for newcomers in the 4-1 and 4-2.


Uptown Firehouse Fiasco

Up in the 2nd ward thousands of new residents from Maxwell Place, Shipyard, and Hudson Tea buildings waited on long lines this morning to vote in the cramped firehouse on Washington Street. Everybody from Governor Jon Corzine to Giants QB Eli Manning had to wait as the process moved a glacial pace. Watch for more lines tonight as people come home from work.

Demarest trouble this morning

People were reportedly being turned away from the Demarest school polling place serving parts of the 1st and 6th wards. Apparently a lot of new voters know where to vote, but don’t know their ward and district numbers. This caused mass confusion for some reason. The poll workers were not prepared to deal with the issue, and may not have had the proper books from the county clerk. There was trouble at City Hall when another 1st ward voter asked for instructions on how to write in a candidate. The voter got hassled by poll workers who didn’t know, and apparently didn’t want the voter to do it. So much for “Personal Choice.”

4th ward voting troubles

Voting at 221 Jackson Street were the 4-2 and 4-3 cast their ballots was similar to the scene at the uptown firehouse. The 4-2 was overwhelmed with new faces looking to cast their ballots. The newcomers of the SkyClub, Harrison Court, etc, ended up on a line that went around the block for hours this morning.. Note there are also quite a few Republicans in the 4-2, for what it’s worth. Some issues were also reported at 220 Adams Street, where the 4-1 votes alongside the relatively quiet 3-1, made up of hardcore old school Hobokenites from the senior building and Clock Towers.


Mixed bag for 5th ward voters

Voting at the Wallace School was “a nightmare” according to some who voted this morning. We hear there was confusion among sparring poll workers fighting amongst themselves when they weren’t sparring with voters. Again the influx of new voters now living in the Northwest Redevelopment Zone who weren’t there four years ago is helping overwhelm unprepared polls. Few complaints heard about the Elks Lodge and Brandt School locations, which serve neighborhoods that were fully “built out” 50 years ago. Fox Hill has been hot and cold, with some concerns about the PM Willow Avenue Bus rush hitting smack dab into the post-afternoon nap wheelchair and walker crowd.

WHY is this so difficult?

There are two main theories why this mess is allowed to happen, and they are probably both correct. The first one says the City of Hoboken and Hudson County elections officials are just inept and have no ability to plan well enough to avoid two-hour long lines. The don’t put enough machines in, don’t equip them with enough books, and don’t train their workers well enough. Many of the workers you see at the polls have been doing this for decades and haven’t changed their procedures with the times.

Others say that theory lets the clerks off the hook too easily. Smart people I know say this is all done by design. The Hudson County machine wants all these new voters at the Washington Street Firehouse uptown and 220 Adams Street senior Housing downtown to remember that voting in Hoboken means long lines. The HCDO knows most of these new voters will stand in line to vote for Obama, but come May when it comes time to vote for a new Mayor and Council they will think back to the inconvenience they suffered today and decide to skip the it. This leaves the same old machine block of voters casting the deciding votes in the local election that actually affects us the most every day.

If you haven’t voted yet try to leave work early to miss the PM rush. If you are on the line to vote before 8pm THEY MUST LET YOU VOTE!


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Get out and vote today! (Even if you use the “personal choice” option!)

Want to share your election results sentiments with other Hoboken residents? Want to cry – or rub your victory in? Want to do it from the comfort of your own home without getting a beer bottle smashed over your head?

Come back to Hoboken411 at around 8pm to share your thoughts about the conclusion of the exhaustive and “most important” election in American history.

Live Google Map – Election Results

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008 9:30 pm

[quote comment=”116971″]I HATE voting here. I’ve moved around in town, so when I went to the Elks Club to vote a year ago, they sent me to Wallace School. Wallace then sent me BACK to the Elks Club.
The Elks Club doesn’t have handicapt access (but they’re the office for the local Cerebral Palsy organization) and I couldn’t get in with my stroller.
The board of elections did nothing.
And why is there only 2 booths uptown for thousands of residents?!?!!?! My taxes doubled too. I’m so over it. :x[/quote]

I brought my grandmother, who is in a wheelchair to vote there today, and we followed the handicapped accesible signs which said there was access on 10th st, through the back of the building and she voted without incident…I on the other hand voted at the firehouse on 13th and Washington and waited for little over an hour, which was a long time, but it should be expected with the turnout that we had!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 8:50 am

[quote comment=”116989″][quote comment=”116986″]Need less senior citizens operating the voting machines. Then things would go faster.[/quote]

for that to happen, young people need to volunteer. maybe i’ll volunteer for the next election day if i still live here[/quote]

Poll workers are PAID, it is a cushy job for someone that wants to pick up some money and you have to know someone to get the gig.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 7:58 am

ps: Hoboken Council meeting tonight, 7PM, 11/05/08. 💡

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 7:47 am

Success is voting: Absentee ballot is another vehicle to show your voice for change. Another option is to vote later in the day. In any event, have a cause (econcomy) as in the presidential election or (taxes) which should turn out your vote again in the May 09 election for Mayor and council-at-large. 😛

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