Hoboken Week in Review – 11/2/2008


Set your clocks back NOW!

In case your forgot last night – you should turn back your clocks one hour – as we’re now officially in “Eastern Standard Time.”

Anyway, with two days left before the 2008 Presidential Election – national politics by far took center stage on Hoboken411 last week!

What made the Top 10 most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday November 2, 2008?

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Hottest topics of the week

  1. Conspiracy Theories
    One reader’s suspicion about the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate led to hundreds upon hundreds of comments.
  2. Semi-undecided voter here
    I was wooed a bit by Obama’s prime-time infomercial – and asked 411 readers for some greater detail.
  3. Barack, Barack and more Barack
    The post was just about a music rally for Obama over at Maxwell’s. Full-scale political talk followed.
  4. Artists vs. Developers vs. everyone else
    The fight to preserve Neumann Leathers rages on.
  5. You now have LESS money!
    Tax bills with massive increases land in resident’s mailboxes – tears and anger on the rise in Hoboken.
  6. NOT a good neighbor
    Carmelo Garcia’s property on Bloomfield Street makes news again – this time damaging the home next door.
  7. Oh Canada, Oh Canada!
    A politcal parody video showing how citizens would migrate north if a Republican is elected.
  8. Curses are made to be broken
    The Philadelphia Phillies take home the top prize in the 2008 Major League Baseball season.
  9. More on Hoboken Property Taxes
    Vocal Hoboken citizen Richard Tremitiedi expresses himself again!
  10. Terry LaBruno is a video star
    City Council member has two videos this week. One about the Hoboken SQUAT bus – and the other about raping children. Stay classy!


  • Campos pleads guilty
    20 months go by – and former 2nd ward Councilman gets a slap on the wrist for DWI.
  • Crepe Grill reviewed again!
    Waterfront restaurant is visited again – pleasing results!
  • Boooooooooo!
    A “Haunted Hoboken” thread gets revived for Halloween.
  • Meat on a stick
    The downtown Kebab House receives a mediocre review from both 411 and most of the readers.

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