Reader Mail: Applied Rant!


A Hoboken411 reader who lives in an building managed by Applied Management Company – hasn’t had hot water for days.

This wouldn’t happen at the W Hotel!

“I just wanted to send a little rant to you. I live at 450 5th Street under Applied Management Company. First I would like to say that understand this management company is going through a lot with the fire that they recently had but they should understand that there is more than one building that they manage, and if they cant handle managing more than one building they shouldnt.

hoboken applied management company no water - Reader Mail: Applied Rant!

I have lived at 450 5th Street for about 9 months now and my roomate has lived there for almost 3 years. Each month we have a problem with this management company, from them always charging us late fees on rent when we physically drop the rent checks off to their office before the rent is due. Half of the time they tell us that they accidentally deposited our check into another apartment, which should be almost impossible when our name, apartment address and account number are on each check. Not only do we have problems every month with late fees, or them telling us that they never received our rent in the first place, we also can never get anyone to our apartment to fix necessary things that we have complained about on multiple occasions. Over a year ago the apartment building flooded due to a massive storm and it ruined stairs and railings that we had in our apartment, these things have still not been fixed after several complaints to management.

Read the rest of her rant after the jump!

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The reason I am writing now though is because we have not had hot water in our apartment building since Saturday, its now Tuesday. The entire building is without hot water and in case they didnt notice its cold outside. Each time we call to complain that we still do not have hot water, we get transfered to about 5 different people, in the end only being told that they are working on it and that we should have hot water by the end of day. I have yet to see anyone come into our apartment building to work on our hot water. I could understand if it was one apartment complaining that they didnt have hot water, but this is an entire building without water. And I do not think that this problem should take 4 days to fix, I’m not a plumber but I still think that this problem should have been fixed from the start. And every time we call to complain we only get an attitude from management. I understand that I am probably not the only one complaining about this situation but there is no need for an attitude on their end, afterall we pay them every month to take care of situations like this.

I just wanted to put this out there that if anyone is considering moving to Hoboken, they should consider not renting under Applied Managment Company because obviously they cannot handle managing all of the buildings they own.

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Friday, October 31, 2008 1:13 pm

Thanks for the advice! That is the exact problem we are having with the management company. They are being reactive about the situation, sending an exterminator and setting traps. But they haven’t made any attemps to really look at the walls and air conditioning units and make sure everything is sealed up. So frustrating!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008 11:24 pm

Getting rid of mice requires 1) extermination (poison bait stations and physical traps, possibly with a cat too); 2) cleaning up to get rid of food attractions and piles of things where mice will nest; and 3) FIXING HOLES — THE MOST IMPORTANT. Even very clean people will get mice from the neighbors if they have holes. Mice like to run in spaces where 2 sides of their bodies touch a safe surface (eg a floor/wall juncture) and they also follow straight lines to food, such as ropes leading to ships… and pipes and wires going into apartments. If the infestation is not rampant, ie only a few mice, you can keep them out with insulating foam (comes in tubes and looks like blown bubble gum when you apply it) or plaster. If the mice are persistent and chew through the foam or plaster, you will need cement. I do not recommend steel wool, as I have seen too many cases where it does not fill the hole tightly or 100%, and the mouse pushes it aside or chews the wall around it. If you can fit your pinky into a hole, a big mouse can fit. If you can fit a pencil into a hole, a small mouse can fit. Don’t forget weatherstripping the bottom of the apartment entry door, and pulling the stove away from the wall to seal the opening around the gas line. Also make sure to go into cabinets under all sinks. I recommend you… Read more »

Thursday, October 30, 2008 11:06 pm

First floor. And I just watched another mouse scurry across my room five minutes ago. We keep our apartment extremely clean and this is DISGUSTING.

Thursday, October 30, 2008 4:38 pm

Heh. Luckily, I’ve only got a couple of waterbugs that visit the basement after a storm. I tell them to go down the drain before I step on ’em and they listen.

I’ve also seen a little mouse in the backyard, once, and that was okay. But another time, a HUGE raccoon woke me from my slumber– er, at 2:30 AM– scaring the crap out of me! 😐

Thursday, October 30, 2008 4:30 pm

You have mice??? What floor are you on??? I have never had a rodent or bug problem. Great, I probably just jinxed myself. Yes, Mike was fired. I heard he had an altercation with a new tenant who was moving in on a weekend (which is apparently not allowed). But maybe the person had special permission. Anyway I heard there were words and the cops even had to come. To be honest, I thought Mike was a creep. My roommate had a problem with a package she never received. It even specifically said on the fedex website that it was delivered and signed for. When we confronted Mike about it he was extremely nasty and went on the defense immediately. And if he called me “baby” one more time I was going to punch him.

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