Hoboken Week in Review – 10/26/2008


Everyone who suffered through the mini Hoboken power-outage recover nicely?

What made the Top 10 most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday October 26, 2008?


Hottest topics of the week

  1. Breaking the law!
    The City Tax Collector again makes news by having work done on a property that’s under a stop work order…
  2. Christmas gifts will be smaller this year…
    Tax bills for the next couple quarters will be steep. A reader said “Thanks, Mayor Roberts! I’ll have my son send you a thank you note after the Holidays…”
  3. Snake Oil Cave Opens
    No – not that one – but the other one, Sybil’s Cave! Mayor Roberts’ pet project (sort of) opens…
    Simple routine work miles away caused county-wide nausea as discolored water affects hundreds of thousands of residents…
  5. Some people hate stuff about Hoboken
    A Hoboken411 reader shares his gripes about our quaint little city…
  6. Musical benefit for Barack Obama
    NJ is a blue state – why not ride the coattails at Maxwell’s this Tuesday night to show your colors…
  7. Hoboken resident is supposedly non-patriotic
    Discussion ensues whether that is right or wrong – regardless if they’re living in Government subsidized housing or not…
  8. Screech! Booomp! Ouch!!!
    Another Hoboken resident helps keep the “pedestrians hit by car a day” average up!
  9. An uptown dog park gets some upgrades
    The mud pit known as Elysian Park Dog Run gets some new “flooring” – some folks think it’s too dusty…
  10. World Series (of Baseball) continues…
    Local Philadelphia Phillies fans are soiling themselves with glee as they take a 2-1 lead in the October Baseball Classic…


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I still can’t get over #1. This guy is able to get away with murder!


Once again, #4 makes me crack up! 😆