Hoboken Week in Review – 10/26/2008


Everyone who suffered through the mini Hoboken power-outage recover nicely?

What made the Top 10 most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday October 26, 2008?

hoboken411 week in review brown water - Hoboken Week in Review - 10/26/2008

Hottest topics of the week

  1. Breaking the law!
    The City Tax Collector again makes news by having work done on a property that’s under a stop work order…
  2. Christmas gifts will be smaller this year…
    Tax bills for the next couple quarters will be steep. A reader said “Thanks, Mayor Roberts! I’ll have my son send you a thank you note after the Holidays…”
  3. Snake Oil Cave Opens
    No – not that one – but the other one, Sybil’s Cave! Mayor Roberts’ pet project (sort of) opens…
    Simple routine work miles away caused county-wide nausea as discolored water affects hundreds of thousands of residents…
  5. Some people hate stuff about Hoboken
    A Hoboken411 reader shares his gripes about our quaint little city…
  6. Musical benefit for Barack Obama
    NJ is a blue state – why not ride the coattails at Maxwell’s this Tuesday night to show your colors…
  7. Hoboken resident is supposedly non-patriotic
    Discussion ensues whether that is right or wrong – regardless if they’re living in Government subsidized housing or not…
  8. Screech! Booomp! Ouch!!!
    Another Hoboken resident helps keep the “pedestrians hit by car a day” average up!
  9. An uptown dog park gets some upgrades
    The mud pit known as Elysian Park Dog Run gets some new “flooring” – some folks think it’s too dusty…
  10. World Series (of Baseball) continues…
    Local Philadelphia Phillies fans are soiling themselves with glee as they take a 2-1 lead in the October Baseball Classic…


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I still can’t get over #1. This guy is able to get away with murder!


Once again, #4 makes me crack up! 😆