Hoboken Wrestling!


Did you know that on Saturday, October 18th, 2008 – There was an awesome amateur “WWE Style” wrestling event over at Our Lady of Grace church?

Hoboken411 reader Daniel Rousseaux took great pictures and wants to share his experience with all of you!

hoboken wrestling 1a - Hoboken Wrestling!

The Hoboken Wrestling Foundation is next?

hoboken wrestling 3a - Hoboken Wrestling!Last week I walked by Our Lady of Grace on Willow (bet 4th & 5th) and a plain text flyer caught my eye. It was announcing a “Wrestling Show” would be coming to Hoboken on Saturday night. I immediately realized that all the flashy verbiage did not add up to your standard, somewhat mild, Greco-Roman wrestling match… This “wrestling show” would have an elevated ring (for people to jump off of), turnbuckles (to bang each others’ faces on), and people flying through the air (from the top rope of course.) Yes, this would be a “backyard wrestling” brawl, the likes of which have only been seen by my eyes on the internet and the nightly news.

So on Saturday evening I rounded up my camera and headed down to the school auditorium to document these warriors of overacted entertainment. The only folks that were in the audience were family members of the wrestlers and eight 13 year old Hoboken boys exercising their newfound profane vocabulary. To say the least, it was entertaining. As far as authenticity, it’s all fake, however there was collateral damage…someone got hauled away in an ambulance, another guy lost teeth and then there was an actual fight backstage.

If this show ends up coming back next year, grab some friends, bring drinks and attend! It will be an event you won’t soon forget. You’ve probably never seen live wrestling and you probably won’t ever care to see it again, so why not have some good water cooler stories and pics? At least you’ll have a good laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.


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Monday, October 27, 2008 3:19 pm


But at least the wrestlers could legitimately pummel each other with folding chairs. In every WWF match there is always ONE folding chair under the ring… even when the auditorium has fixed seats. I’m just saying, it makes no sense!

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