More Obama conspiracy theories

10/27/2008 Update:

As most of the commenters have said – that this “conspiracy theory” has apparently been debunked by various sites – such as…

But where is the original certificate?

But out of curiosity – I checked my birth certificate here in NJ for comparisons. I have ORIGINALS – not photocopies – of both my birth and foot print identification (created on day of birth – filled out by pen), as well as the birth registration certificate (which was issued four days later – fields filled in by typewriter).

This was eight or nine years later than Obama was born – they didn’t have laser printers back then – which goes to show that this copy that was displayed on – is simply a “statement” of a supposed birth which was issued by the hospital. It is NOT an original birth certificate. Isn’t this something that can be forged – or created after the fact? Who’s to say that someone didn’t just enter this information into a computer system? Just because it “looks” official – how do you know it is??

So where is the original?


PS – I have seen similar documents of my two brothers, even one born before Obama…

Read the original Hoboken411 reader conspiracy after the jump…


barack-obama-yes-we-tax.jpgOne Hoboken411 reader is quite upset about what he believes to be a giant conspiracy surrounding the whole Barack Obama candidacy. I received this rambling lengthy (and profane) email – way too long to post. But here are some (edited) excerpts – along with yet another Pastor James Manning video…

  • “Isn’t it U.S. law, that in order to run for president, you need to be a natural born citizen? He has no original birth certificate, only a copy (which looks fake). He was born in Kenya, not Hawaii! Why is there such little media coverage about this?
  • “I find it suspicious that only Obama himself went to Hawaii to visit his ailing grandmother, not to make “the same mistake” he did with his mother. Why, if this is his last surviving relative, aren’t the wife, the beautiful kids going too? Why didn’t they join him to be with his dying grandmother?”
  • “It’d be coincidental and surprising if that birth certificate “shows” up all of a sudden – even if for the just a day… What’s he REALLY doing in Hawaii? Hmm?”

He goes on to ask questions such as… Where’d he get his money? How’d he go to college? Law School? A 4 million dollar house? And a whole rant about Senators running for President, how they’re not really as qualified as State Governors, etc…

He sent this video regarding Obama’s Grandmother…

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Obama released the full birth certificate. Now you can get back to worrying about chemtrails, the fake moon landing and bombs in the WTC.


[quote comment=”114636″]Republicans need to accept defeat and move on?!? The election hasn’t even taken place yet. All I heard in ’04 is how Kerry couldn’t lose. And Gore still hasn’t stoped complaining about his loss in ’00. If anyone needs a lesson in accepting defeat it is *gasp* the democrats.[/quote]

Like I said on Oct 27, accept defeat and move on….BYE BYE REPUBLICANS… ruined this country the last 8 years….

[quote comment=”116949″][quote comment=”116932″][quote comment=”116898″][quote comment=”116879″]Nonetheless, windfall tax is in full effect. Alaskan residents are getting handouts from either the oil companies, or the state. You can spin it anyway you want but the fact is Alaska is the biggest welfare state in the union. And it’s run by a “conservative reformer”[/quote] I guess you don’t understand the concept of having a state manage its resources/assets as a public trust for the benefit of its citizens. I see you are going off on yet another tangent so I will let you get back to your blissful ignorance. I think trying to explain to you the difference b/w a handout and a dividend payment from the state run trust fund is going to try my patience a bit too much. Shoot, after only about a month of explaining it to you, you still can’t figure out that Alaska owns all the oil in the state and if you can’t get that, then you will never get the rest.[/quote] So why don’t Texans get the same handout?[/quote] Maybe that is because much of the mineral/oil rights in the rest of the country are owned by individuals, investors and corporations and not by the state. They own the oil so they get the benefit. Didn’t I state that Alaska is the ONLY state in the country that owns all the subsurface mineral rights in the state (meaning the oil)? I think I only used the word OWN like 20 times today. Texas doesn’t own… Read more »
Tama Murden

Re 465.: Busted, Strand! Wonder if your “employer” ever bothers to monitor the amount of time you post (& so rabidly misanthropically) on its quid? That, in and of itself, is your own personal mini-corporate welfare, no? :mrgreen:


Seeing as you don’t understand the concept of OWNERSHIP, I am inclined to agree with your self-assessment.