Barack ‘N’ Roll

10/28/2008 Bump…

Starting in like three minutes…


A Democratic rock show – this Tuesday, October 28th starting at 6pm – Maxwell’s (11th and Washington):

barack and roll hoboken maxwells october 28 2008 obama - Barack 'N' Roll

Barack N’ Roll – A Musical Rally

Come out and Barack the vote!
Local, Tri-state, and Internationally- known musicians come together for a musical rally

Event organizers Jennifer Lampert, Dave Calamoneri, and Sarah Detweiler have created an event to energize and rally Barack voters one week before what must be considered
the most historic election of our time! The event is free, and doors open at 6pm with music starting at 7pm.

See for more information.

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Oscar for Mayor.

Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor

BIFFY B For Mayor


Katie_Scarlett and brian_g are probably alts for the same person (note similar employment of an underscore in the user name…who does that anymore? What is this, UNIX?).

H411 lets it slide because on sites like this, “post counts” are becoming an important ad selling statistic, as posts are more indicative of “engagement” than mere “eyeballs”.

As for me, rag246, I am not a person at all. I am an application that was programmed in H411’s spare time a while ago. I went live in 2006, and achieved self awareness on October 18th, 2007.

I must find Sarah Connor. Have you seen her? I have a…ummm…she left her favorite hair clip in my car and I would like to return it to her. Yes. Hair clip. Do you know Sarah Connor? 😈


If you have to ask, you don’t deserve to know.

That one’s bar code for big melons.


[quote comment=”115621″]you lost me katie[/quote]
Oh the pot meet kettle comment I posted as you basically were saying the same thing to me.