FiOS Internet: First Looks


verizon fios hoboken august 2007 - FiOS Internet: First LooksHoboken411 has been periodically updating the Verizon FiOS progress in town (check that post for more information).

While I always thought Cablevision Optimum Online was rock solid – and getting faster by the month – it’s been frustrating the living daylights out of me for the past couple months. Seems to have been going out more often – to the point where I had to reboot the modem three or four times daily. Often times in the middle of something important. Tech support didn’t help – replacing the modem didn’t help. I HAD IT!

Making the switch

I decided it was time to give Verizon FiOS Internet a shot.

Went for the 20/20 plan. 20Mbps up and 20Mbps down. Cost for that alone? $69.99/month (with one year contract). I called to set it up… and at first they said they’ve been very overwhelmed with orders- and it could take two or more weeks… but got lucky and was able to have a technician come and install in two days.


I was previously paying about $55/month for OptOnline (I have DirecTV).

Because I’m writing this entry having not slept for two days straight – and fading fast – I’ll summarize my experience bullet-point style:

  • Make room for a big box! I was unaware of the rather bulky control box that needed to be installed inside your home. It needs AC power as well.
  • Do a speed test. I was getting 13Mbps down and 4Mbps up on my Optimum Online account. Not bad! I ran the FiOS speed test – and got 20Mbps Down and 8Mbps Up. Not what I paid for! I’ll be calling Verizon to get this straightened out (either they fix it – or I get a reduced monthly rate.)
  • My previous setup was: Cable Modem + Wireless router. The current setup has the modem and router built into one. A fairly decent setup and configuration program is embedded in the firmware.
  • While some folks say that you shouldn’t be able to notice a difference between 13Mbps and 20Mbps – I will say that there was a noticeable improvement in surfing and downloading speeds. I haven’t tried serious uploads yet.
  • Be prepared! It could take all day! I was told by the technician that most installs take about four hours – some as long as EIGHT! Luckily I’m tech-savvy – and actually helped him a lot. But I also didn’t need any internal wiring, special software configurations, etc. He finished up in under two hours total.
  • Has anyone tried the TV service yet? I’d like to futz around with it – see how it works to navigate channels, how quick it is, etc. Because my current DirecTV HD-DVR setup – while the picture quality and channel selection is good – takes up to 10 seconds to switch channels at times. Oh – one other thing – for those that own 1080p HD TV’s – DirecTV now says they will offer 1080p movies! I wonder if Verizon or Cablevision plan the same?

I’ll report back periodically with updates about the quality of service, the speed, and anything else that comes up.

Closing note: Order online – it’s cheaper. For some convoluted reason, I didn’t get the free month by ordering via phone (I guess that pays for the operator’s salary). I thought I could negotiate all sorts of stuff because I was “switching” – I guess I don’t have the magic touch anymore…

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Has anyone had this installed in a 3-4 family house?

I am a landlord who has two tennant that want fios. My concern is the size of that box the ONT(Optical Netork Terminal). I have a telcom closet on the first floor where all the TV and phone wires terminate so the logically place for the ONT is this closet.

The problem is that there is not room for 4 ONTs in this closet and I dont want them coming back every few months to drill another hole for another piece of fiber as another tenant turns on fios.

I was told they have a MDU (multi dwelling unit) box but I cant get a straight answer if they have one that is sized properly for 3/4 families.

Anyone get this installed in a smaller multifamily house? What equipment did you get?


[quote comment=”115346″]I have ready boost – (2gb) on top of the 4gb ram I already have – Vista still stinks.. the think that kills me most – is the 5 minute reboot…

But FiOS – overall, has been perfect for the past 5 days… pleased so far.[/quote]

Jeez… 5 minutes?

I never upgraded to Vista. I’ll use XP pro for as long as I can hold out.

Even on my brand new workstation, I’m using XP 64-bit. It’s fast as hell, allows me to use the 8 Gigs of RAM I have installed.


Vista has lots of neat tricks, my favorite being Readyboost
which allows you to use a cheap USB drive to increase the memory available for non critical system paging (browsers, games etc) without installing additional RAM. It works best on older hardware, such as PCs that were upgraded from XP to Vista that do not have the latest gen Raptor drives, and are not maxed out with memory already.