So many “Fall” events in Hoboken!


You might need a clipboard and slide rule to keep track of what’s going on in Hoboken tomorrow!

I think we over-shot our quota of the word “Harvest,” that’s for sure! If you’re planning on attending – please pay attention to the weather forecast!

Harvests, Fests, Hoe-downs, my god!


Saturday, October 25th

(sorted by starting time)

(Fall Fest at Pier A moved to Sunday…)

Sunday, October 26th

  • Fall Harvest Festival – 11am – 4pm
    Previously scheduled for Saturday – and moved to Sunday – this is a fun event for families and kids. Taking place at Pier A Park – there’s enough to do (rides, food, activities) – to make everyone happy!

Halloween – Friday, Oct 31

(will try to create a separate thread for this one later…)

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Don’t forget the hip boots for the next city council meeting ❗


Don’t forget the “Bobbing for Pumpkins” event after the next rain storm! 👿