Hoboken Harvest for the Homeless

10/23/2008 Press Release:

Yet another “Harvest” taking place on Saturday, October 25th – At Symposia Bookstore (510 Washington St.):

hoboken harvest for the homeless symposia bookstore october 25 2008 - Hoboken Harvest for the Homeless

Hoboken Harvest for the Homeless

“First, thank you for taking part in this awesome event. Each and every one of you is directly contributing to the well being of Hoboken’s neediest (411 Note: does that include property taxpayers?) Last year we raised over $500 for the homeless of Hoboken along with countless bangs of needed supplies. Please click here to see of list of items the shelter needs for the upcoming winter.

This event will take place Saturday, October 25th at Symposia Book Store on Washington. HHH will begin at noon and continue through till 6:00pm. At that time we will bring all donations and food directly to the 3rd Street shelter.


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(Hoboken Harvest for the Homeless, continued…)

IMPORTANT: We are seeking volunteers to assist in manning the donation table in fron of symposia. We are also looking for volunteers to help set up. This requires assistance begining at 10:30am.

Below you will find a list of participating musicians for the 2nd annual Hoboken Harvest for the Homeless.

Hoboken Harvest for the Homeless

Once again, Thank you all for helping to make this a bountiful harvest.”

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King of Rock

[quote comment=”114003″]I don’t want to get into the NIMBY argument because the attitudes of some posters on this site makes me emotionally and physically ill. I wonder constantly what was the person before they were begging for change? What happened to them to make them have to start begging for change? I spoke with a homeless person yesterday. He once had three acres of land and a dog. I could tell it wasn’t BS. How does someone go from three acres of land and a dog to having to beg for change?[/quote]
You should drink some Thunderbird, MD 20/20, Cisco or Night Train to take the edge off as you go back to your home. I will answer your inquiry:
1. The person was the child of a crackhead or someone with a mental illness;
2. The beggars are good at laying on the BS – I am selling a bridge that connects Brooklyn and Manhattan – any interest?
3. They owned property in fantasy land and owned a herd of unicorns, when the unicorns left the land it went sour. The Blue Sky Mining Company didn’t save him.

Save your money, donate to cancer research. These people are lost causes, time to thin the herd.


Let’s figure out how we can use that bum Grandstreet who reads this site all day during work hours…to our advantage! How bout you pick up ciggy butts? Maybe your own butt too?

Back to work, pal.

Tama Murden

Re 25. (& prior): Grand, really—don’t you want to change your tag?

How about “GrandVulcan”?

The grand lack of compassion and all…

Tama Murden

Re 26. Whoops, “even small amounts of time…”

Tama Murden

Re 19.: What a concept, Katie, to want to have your weekends! You want some down-time? How dare you!!

Does your firm allow any time away for community service? Wiley (publishing) here, encourages that, with great effect in town.

(I was v. lucky to work for an investment bank that encouraged same, esp. around its philanthropic focus.)

If you (& others who might read here) want to put a few hours in here & there, our Jubilee Center is a great place to work with children who greatly benefit from small even amounts of time invested here.

Sorry to veer slightly off-topic.