Spitting on the PATH

10/20/2008 Update:

Hoboken411 reader “sunflowerlax” sent this picture in and said:
“I took this picture in November last year in Shanghai China – they have no spitting signs in every subway.”



I haven’t vomited in probably over 25 years or so… but there are a couple things that cause me to gag somewhat. One of those instances is spitting. When some inconsiderate guy hocks up a loogie – and spits on the sidewalk – I truly get disgusted. Dude… at least do it on the street!!

However – one Hoboken411 reader noticed this ridiculous sign at the PATH station…

Spitting is gross

“Amazing there has to be a law to discouraging people from spitting. That is just gross!”

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that girl can spit as much as she wants, just as long as those funbags keep hanging out


Those who spit along crowded sidewalks place no value on their front teeth.


These signs date from the thirties, forties and fifties when tuberculosis and polio were still not controlled by vaccines. Spitting was thought to spread the illnesses.

In the modern day although these illnesses are virtually non-existent in the US, spitting is a disgusting habit and one that makes me gag. I wish people didn’t do it.


I haven’t noticed them lately, but when I was a kid there were always signs on the NYC subway that said no spitting along with a bunch of other “nos.” All it did was to get me and my friends to practice my spitting skills.


That sign has been there forever. Probably since the spittoon days. I have noticed a resurgence in spitting though – really gross!