“A Time for Prog.”


Here’s another spot you might want to visit if you’re participating in today’s Hoboken Artists Studio Tour!

Tim Heins (Hobotown artist here on Hoboken411) is having a shin-dig at his studio at Neumann Leathers.

A celebration of progressive rock

rick-wakeman-yes-tour-1972.jpgMy friends, everywhere in America people are hurting. All that we believe and hold dear, appears to have been an illusion and a grey world of endless debt, endless war and domestic chaos is our new reality. Moms and Dads are gathered around their kitchen tables tonight wondering how to make ends meet and how to stretch their art buying dollars. They are looking for something, anything to cling to (other than or in addition to, guns and religion), something to uplift their spirits and guide them to the answers they seek, or, simply, a place to escape and block out the madness.

At first a few and now many are turning to Progressive Rock for the answer. With it’s huge arching themes and bloated symphonic density, Prog. Rock offers the listener a world where May Queens and Mandrakes frolic in Topographic Oceans while Magicians and Knights wander the landscape pondering the meaning of life. Often aided by the use of psychotropic drugs, Prog. Rock offers a fantasy world made real by soaring mellotron, synthetic voice choirs, dense guitar riffs and meandering lyrics stretched over an ever evolving grid of tempo and rhythm. Today more than ever, it’s time for Prog.

Where: Tim Heins Studio, 5th Fl. Neumann Leathers Building, Left out of elevator, up ramp and 333 Clinton, Hoboken, down hallway to right past reception to elevator on right.
When: 12N to 6:30PM Sunday October 19th, 2008 and by appointment
Why: Why not?
Contact: tg heins 201-988-5140
Featured Guest: Phloemboy on Keyboards
What: Prog. Music, Prog. Inspired Art, Worlds highest Stereo Stack, Robert Fripp’s half brother Ray will attend, Prog. Poetry contest, Prog Quiz, Prog Mini Golf, Record swap, Assorted amusements and gift items, refreshments.

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I’m glad you had a good time C.A. I’ve never had a better time doing the Tour. Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting Neumann Leather’s tenants fight against developers.
Go to our website at NLTA.com to stay involved.


Had the privilege of visiting Tim Heins’ studio and it was awesome. (And Phloemboy was great.)