Frank Hanavan at MackeyBlue


MackeyBlue (12th and Wash) will be hosting Frank Hanavan on the Hoboken Artists Studio Tour this Sunday, October 19, 11am – 6pm.

Enjoy Frank’s Message and a Sample of Sixteen of His Paintings that Will Be on Display. Stop by and Peruse and Go Home With Your Favorite!

frank hanavan mackey blue hoboken artists tour 1 - Frank Hanavan at MackeyBlue

Frank Hanavan paintings at MackeyBlue

Frank says:

“Hello and welcome to my art show here at MackeyBlue in Hoboken. I have been participating in the Hoboken Studio Tour for many years, It’s always fun and worthwhile for the artists and the public. I want to thank Geri Fallo, Hoboken’s long time cultural affairs coordinator, for once again making the show happen. I also want to thank MackeyBlue for providing this stunning location for the art show.

I don’t have a traditional studio, I work outside, so I am grateful to MackeyBlue for giving me the opportunity to show. Each year it seams there are fewer and fewer places in Hoboken where you can find original artwork on display and I’m glad the annual Studio Tour helps to buck that trend and I’m glad there are places like MackeyBlue that provide a place for artists to exhibit their work to the public.

I have been painting the same way for fourteen or fifteen years now. I bring my easel with me to stand in front of the subject that I’m going to work from. Then with acrylic paint I try to faithfully reproduce the visual impression I get from the subject and I try to paint it the way it actually looks to me. That’s all there is to it. You can understand my artwork simply by looking at it, I’m not trying to editorialize or put a spin on my paintings, they are just pictures I made of scenes I thought would look good in a painting.

This simple approach to painting is all I really want from my artwork, I just want to hold a mirror up to reality and try to capture in paint the things I like to see in the real world. I’m attracted to qualities of light and shadow, and I like umbrellas and awnings and outdoor markets. You can see all of these things in my paintings.”

frank hanavan mackey blue hoboken artists tour 2 - Frank Hanavan at MackeyBlue

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