Do “drink specials” motivate you?


I’ve always been curious about all these bar specials that are advertised all over the place.

Where/what do you drink?

I can understand local bars who are in close proximity to each other, using bar specials as a way to lure patrons to their establishment… But would never EVER choose a bar based on what craptastic piss-water they’re selling “on the cheap” (although I have some friends that might…)

hoboken cocktails overpriced - Do "drink specials" motivate you?


Hoboken411 recommends drinking wisely

With the “tough economic times” we’re in, I’d think that practically ALL drinks you’d purchase at a bar – are ALWAYS much MUCH more expensive than drinking at home prior to going out – regardless of how “cheap” they sound. So if your goal is to “drain your sorrows away with alcohol” – then take it from me – buy from a discount liquor store – and save your money!

If it’s the social scene you desire – my suggestion is start out somewhere with a “pre-party” or gathering – then pick your one and final bar destination (for however long that may be) – and drink at a slower pace. DO NOT GET LURED IN BY LAME DRINK SPECIALS!! They still add up (with tip – and over-indulgence), and will always cost more than alternative approaches.

However, there are some instances where specials might come in handy – especially if there’s a specific event attached (primarily sports). Often times, good specials and free or heavily discounted food – really is a pretty decent value…

Some bar owners prefer to avoid that crowd

I spoke with a couple bar owners around town – and some said that the “crowd” that is typically associated with the el cheapo drinks – are ones they’d like to avoid. While a few others cater to the younger drinking crowd, and can handle the mayhem that frequently comes with it. It all depends on the venue, I guess.

I also feel that age and economic strength play a significant role in this equation as well.. While the younger “frat crowd” might certainly get motivated by the $2 mugs along first street, while older, more seasoned drinkers are less influenced by the cost. Spend some time at a liquor store one day, and watch what customers buy. You can probably tell where they’d hang out – based on their purchases!

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Saturday, October 18, 2008 7:42 am

As a former restaurant/bar manager in several different establishments, I always “bucked the trend” to instruct my staffs to “upsell” to name brands. Too many managers and owners focus on daily sales with no thought about cost. But “cheap drink” specials are doing just that.

Bottle of Absolute at wholesale $20, bottle of cheap vodka at wholesale $5.

Which do you think has a higher profit margin?

Saturday, October 18, 2008 12:19 am

I know of two bars that advertise drink specials with sandwich boards or posters in their windows. The city turns a blind eye to these two bars…It’s illegal to advertise the price of drinks like that. They are both on washington street. One one the corner of 8th and the other on fourth.

Where is the enforcement?

Saturday, October 18, 2008 12:12 am

I dun like grey goose. great marketing campaign though.

would be an interesting social experiment to see how price weighs in on people. I enjoy a lot of different beers, but when I go out for a standard Friday or Saturday night (or sometimes on a weeknight!), I won’t spring for those more expensive imports. I’ll drink Yuengling out, out Guinness, or something I enjoy that is “reasonable”, and drink the variety at home. Of course, a special night at Peculiar Pub or somewhere like that really breaks the bank!

Friday, October 17, 2008 8:32 pm

Agreed! When you realize that you spend 40, 60 or more dollars in a night, you do the math. That was several bottles of Grey Goose!!

(some friends are over now and thats exactly what we’re drinkin!) :mrgreen:

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